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True Beliver by Nicolas Sparks

Updated on November 16, 2015

Jeremy Marsh is a Journalist living in Manhattan. He is offered to do a story in Bone Creek North Carolina. While he is doing a story there he meets Lexie a local librarian who loves North Carolina. Something develops with them but when it is finally time to go what will happen with their differences? Will he leave the city he loves behind to make a new life with the new girl that he loves or will he return to the city and leave her as part as his past? Will she move to Manhattan or will she stay in North Carolina?

True Believer is one book that Nicolas Sparks wrote that actually has a happy ending. There is a sequel to it which is At First Sight. If you love Nicolas Sparks then be sure to check out this book. You could find it at your local library, bookstore or even in an eBook store in which you could download it to your kindle of eBook.


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