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True Love Myths

Updated on December 13, 2011

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He was young
Just turned eighteen
Awful cute
And mighty lean
She was young
Just seventeen
Most beautiful smile
He'd ever seen
But Uncle Sam says eighteen
Is old enough to serve
As she cried,he wiped her eyes
And tried to calm her nerves.
He promised to be careful
And kissed his girl goodbye
She hugged him and kissed him,
Then began to cry
They wrote their letters
Every day
THrough the first three months-
March, April, May
Then one day his letters
Abruptly stopped coming
She stood there, lost,
As her tears began running
She sat there crying
Through Night and Day
As she read the letters
Two years have passed,
And he's presumed dead
She meets someone new
Who she wishes to wed
She marries anew,
But never forgets
Her love never dies
She never regrets
It's been three years
And the doorbell rings
When she opens the door
A miraculous thing
Her love has come back
But he's too late
She's married now
What twisted fate
It seems it's a myth
That true love waits


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