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Poetry: The True One

Updated on February 23, 2013

True one

I can look in your face

Know you're the one

Your everything to me

My gray skies and my sun

The air I breathe

The flowers I smell

The smile in my eyes

The reason my heart dwells

It's funny how one man

Can change your life

You make me want to be better

Be the best wife

Come through that door

Day after day

Just come home to me

In whatever way

The look in your eyes

When you look at me

The way we can just relax

Just be

No stressing

Chatter not needed with us

No hot looks required

To fire our lust

You are Romeo and Fabio

Wrapped in to one

Who I share my secrets

Have all my fun

I can look in your face

And I just know your the one

You're everything to me

My grey skies and my sun


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