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True and Funny

Updated on September 16, 2011
my silly family
my silly family
loves that remote
loves that remote

These are just a few things my husband does that drives me nuts.

He holds the remote while watching TV, falls to sleep holding it..(remote gets more attention than I do)

He leaves the seat up on toilet and I fall through.(glad he don't know what I'm thinking)

Misses the toilet but hits the seat (I sit on a wet seat,( I scream in anger.)

Two feet away from the phone, it rings. He yells for me to answer( I'm outside)

Turns into a baby when sick. (I wait on him hand and foot)

Watching TV,,I yawn, there's a different show on (He is playing with remote again.)

Enough of the husband. Even with all of the bad habits there is more good in him than bad. He is a great husband, provider, father and grand father

Silly me

I left church early and was sitting in the car waiting for my family..A while latter the service was over. I saw my family getting into a car,.It was so weird..As I looked around I realized, I was sitting in someone else's car..(dummy)

My sister and I went into a thrift store. There was a dummy waring a funny looking hat. Being the touch and feel person I am, I reached up and touched the hat, when touched the head fell off and rolled across the floor, I was right behind it. I picked up the head, put it back on the dummy, As I moved away, the head fell off again rolling across the floor, people were watching,my sister was laughing, I picked it up and put it back on the dummy. my sister and I walked away laughing.


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