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Truest Enemy

Updated on March 27, 2018
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Our enemy that we fight is of the unseen. Our spiritual battle that is manifest in our daily lives.

The Truest Enemy

I am not your enemy
Conquering and dividing us from guidance supreme
I'm only here to tell you what you already know
Refuse to acknowledge deep in your soul
Deep in the folds of your mind and subconscious
Proceeding with caution
I just come at you honest
So your spirit won't die from exhaustion.

Evidence is in nature the power and beauty it possesses is undeniable

"I don't fight my enemy. I pray for guidance to go through the pitfalls created by my enemy."

"I have to to crush and destroy my enemy"
I don't fight my enemy.
I pray for guidance to go through the pitfalls created by my enemy.
Someone might be thinking,
We have to crush our enemy,
Kill and destroy our enemy,
Cause we know
If we persist on letting him live,
he will
Strive for our soul to kill.

Truest Enemy Turns Life of Beauty to Ashes

" Beauty to Ashes " by: #hoodabdul
" Beauty to Ashes " by: #hoodabdul

"PLEASE; make sure you do this to your truest enemy."

First: we have to sit in the face of our enemy.
Stand up; to the enemy.
PLEASE; make sure we do this to our truest enemy.
The manipulator, of all minor enemies.
You know the pawns that are the messengers, and those who chose a life of staying in the blind, so they work directly for the enemy.
They come in many shapes and sizes
Their mouths speak with many disguises
A spiritual perspective is a must.
Watch all those seeking to gain our trust.
Their intentions may be faulty!!!
Still thinking,
"You have to face your enemy?
You have to kill your enemy?
If your enemy lives he will, strive to destroy you or at least take over your will?"

Faith is broken if the day,,

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"So we guard our time, Knowing it's not a luxury it's the greatest gift GOD gives."

This is true only when speaking on the truest enemy,
not of those who perceive to have good intentions, type enemies.
Think about this, what if we envision the enemy, to be one who is not our enemy.
The one, thought of as our enemy turned into our greatest ally.
Who elevates us to the level we cannot deny.
The spiritual perspective, will always reveal the truth.
So we don't have to play detective,
In order to know his ways. we read knowing
It's documented in words of the wise.
How he's attacking our minds causing them to dissolve,
call it the last days.
He's displayed in many ways.
Daily while we stay involved in whatever muse.
he's workin' til the end of days.
We can see it, know he attacks us at our weakest with our strongest desires.
Knowing they will deplete our desire -- to live.
So we guard our time; Knowing it's not a luxury, It's the greatest gift GOD gives.

Truest enemy is the common enemy...

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The Diary of A Mad Uso: Usolosopher
The Diary of A Mad Uso: Usolosopher

The Diary of A Mad Uso: Usolosopher

by Molimau Fatu et al.



Racial Profiling & The Veil of Evil has been Lifted

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"The Complex" by #hoodabdul"The Complex" by #hoodabdul" The Veil of Evil" by:#hoodabdul" The Veil of Evil" by:#hoodabdul" The Veil of Evil" by:#hoodabdul
"The Complex" by #hoodabdul
"The Complex" by #hoodabdul
"The Complex" by #hoodabdul
"The Complex" by #hoodabdul
" The Veil of Evil" by:#hoodabdul
" The Veil of Evil" by:#hoodabdul
" The Veil of Evil" by:#hoodabdul
" The Veil of Evil" by:#hoodabdul
" The Veil of Evil" by:#hoodabdul
" The Veil of Evil" by:#hoodabdul

© 2017 Abdul Hood


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