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Trumpets: A poem by me

Updated on November 24, 2014

He said with you I will never break up,

He said with you, never will I give up,

He said forever I will always be true,

The words he spoke blinded you,

Until the day he finally said,

My feelings for you have turned from blue to red,

You thought he was your perfect match,

Your subconscious thoughts were just a rough patch,

It turns out, your tiny thoughts were right,

Your future with him is dark, not bright,

But on that night he said to you,

Forever with you and I will never do,

You cried until your eyes were dry,

Finally you thought, I still have to try,

And there he was looking up at you,

The man who is meant for you,

With him you know you will never break up,

You know he will never give up,

He speaks the truth when he says forever,

Because the two of you are meant to be together,


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    • Charla Puccino profile image

      Charla Puccino 2 years ago

      thank you. Its something that sort of just came to me. I don't normally write poems.

    • Heather Atwell profile image

      Heather Atwell 3 years ago

      Simply amazing.