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Trust and Affection

Updated on June 25, 2015
unvrso profile image

Unvrso has been writing varied topics of literature since 2005 and started writing for hubpages in 2009.

Street Girls

Street Girls
Street Girls | Source

Tight Clothing and Low-Cut Blouses

It was a widespread street, one of the longest in the city. My steps guided me there, since I got off the bus.

In a stretch of three blocks and on one side of a sidewalk, there were girls walking unhurriedly; those who sold their body for cash. They all wore tight clothing and low-cut blouses. From the opposite street, where I was standing, and without putting much thought I crossed the low traffic street and ejected the first words;

Hi! I uttered joyfully.

¨Could you take care of my stuff, I said openly.

She stared at me with a twinkle of joy in her face and inquired with a smile on her face;

¨You want me to safeguard your belongings? ¨

Yes! ¨ I just got into town and I don´t have a place where to store my things, ¨ I said honestly.

¨It´s only while I find a job, ¨ I added.

Gesture of Trust

Gesture of Trust
Gesture of Trust | Source

Trusting Expression

There was not a gesture of distrust on her face and by her expressions she even gave me the impression that she liked the idea that a stranger had approached her with such confidence as if both were long-time acquaintances.

¨Leave them to me, I will take care of them till you get back, you may find me in this hotel. My name is Alicia¨ she said candidly.

I gave her my belongings on her hand and then turned around and walked away. The subject of my belongings did no longer occupied my mind, but instead, the idea of ​​finding a job. Fortunately for me, at the end of that day, I had already found a job as a house painter.

House Painter

House Painter
House Painter | Source

Looking for a Job

It was dark when I returned by the slow moving street. I headed directly to two of the girls, whom were familiar faces from that earlier day;

¨Where can I find Alice? ¨

¨You are the child, who arrived this morning to the city, right? ¨ asserted one of them joyfully.

¨Yes, I answered naturally.

You may find Alicia at the hotel, she lives in room number 4, but first go to the reception,¨ indicated the taller one.

A Room for Rest

Hotel | Source


How Often Do You Put Your Trust in Strangers?

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Suitcase | Source

The hotel was two blocks from there, so I arrived to the reception in less than five minutes.

I'm looking for Alice, she lives in room number 4 ¨ I said timidly.

¨Oh, yes! ¨ Alicia told me about you; you may find her at her room, she is there now, ¨ she indicated.

I just walked a few steps to get in front of her room.

Toc, toc.

Someone rushed to open the door.

¨Oh, it´s you! ¨ come on in, ¨ she invited me.

¨Here are your things; they´re safe on this shelf, ¨ she assured me.

¨Did you find work? ¨ She inquired.

¨Yes, I started today, I replied.

She stared at me insistently, as if wanting to delve into the mind of a child.

¨I only want to grab my jacket and a pair of socks, ¨ I communicated her.

She stared at me, scrutinizing me superficially.

¨Could I leave here my belongings while I find a place to spend the night, I inquired discreetly.

¨Yeah, right! They are safe here, she assured me.

Small Tidy Room

Small Room
Small Room | Source

Paying One Week in Advance

¨I´ll come tomorrow,¨I said, walking away.

I had seen a sign, announcing rooms for rent that morning. I headed to that place and after paying the rent for a week in advance, I went to my room with the key on my hand.

It was a small tidy room but had the most important for that night, a bed to sleep. The bathroom was outside, but that was no big deal. After taking a bath, I laid in bed, falling in a profound sleep.

Portrait of a Prostitute

Portrait of a prostitute
Portrait of a prostitute | Source

In a Tone of Entreaty

Although the job as a painter was not my business and to be truthful at the age of 12 years old, I had not learned anything; however, with a little ingenuity I had been able to perform in some jobs which required apprentices. That was my trade, an apprentice of many things.

That evening and on my way to the hotel, I came across with the girls. I heard someone calling me.

¨Boy! ¨ she called with a sweet voice.

¨Come here! ¨ she said again.

I´m coming to take my stuff, I have found a job, ¨ I said naturally.

¨You want it right now? ¨ She inquired.

¨Yes!¨ I replied.

She started walking towards the hotel and me by her side. In two minutes, we reached her room.

Are you sure you want to take your things? ¨ she said in a tone of entreaty

Songs That Tell About Them

¨I can continue taking care of your belongings, moreover, you have noticed that your things are safe here, she said pleadingly.

It made me a little sad to have to take my stuff, but I still did not understand anything about filial affection and stuff.

She took my backpack and gave it to me on my hands. She walked me to the door and demanded;

¨Are you going to continue going by the street? ¨

¨Yes, it is on my way to my room, ¨ I answered

During the 15 or more days that I spent in the city, there was not a single day in which I did not walk through the street and see the girls with tight clothing and low-cut blouses, wandering from side to side of the street.

At this young age, my hobbies included going to the movies and playing slot machines. The moments I spent on the street were the only ones in which my mind vaguely focused on them. I had not yet heard songs that told about them.

Bus Station

Bus Station
Bus Station | Source

Leaving the City

One day and with my suitcase on my hand, I headed to the bus station. At the time I went through the street girls, I felt many stares on me. One of the girls asked.

¨Are you leaving? ¨ Cheerfully.

¨Yes, ¨ I answered cordially.

I searched with my sight for Alice, but I did not see her. I kept walking and from behind I heard.

¨Good luck¨

Before boarding the city bus that would take me to the bus station, from afar, I saw Alice sitting on a bench, waving one of her hands. I peered at her without understanding what she wanted. With one hand I said goodbye. She placed both hands on her face, as if crying desperately. I boarded the bus and this scene did not reappear in my mind, until after many years.

Sad and Crying

Smily Crying
Smily Crying | Source


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  • unvrso profile image

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 2 years ago from Mexico City

    Thanks to all of you for Reading and for your positive commentaries. This is a true story that occurred to me at the age of 12 just after I had run away from home. The situations are real. I´m the principal character, and the ladies that I knew then, have disapeared from my life. I only remember Alice very vaguely.

    What jhappened next is that I did not see the girls again, instead I engaged into other activities pertaining to a child that I was then, such as going to the movies and finding Jobs.

  • Brandon Bledsoe profile image

    Brandon 2 years ago from Houston, Texas

    This is a good story well written I want to know what happened next

  • Sulabha profile image

    Sulabha Dhavalikar 2 years ago from Indore, India

    It's a beautiful story. Very nice flow. You are truly a good story teller. Even I wish to know if it's a true story?

    May be you could change the title. Because, while you've written in the form of a story, the title conveys that it is an article discussing traits we need to have.

    Whatever, I must say that I need to learn a lot from you in easy,sweet writing.

    My good wishes.

  • erorantes profile image

    Ana Maria Orantes 2 years ago from Miami Florida

    I like your hub. It is a sweet story. Life is full of different adventures. You were passing by in a nice good spot. You are lucky to be telling the story mister unvrso. You can continuo your life by knowing other people and forget about the sad momment in your travel. Life is beautiful.

  • choosetolive profile image

    Ravi and Swastha 2 years ago from London, Canada

    Did this story happened in your real life ? It was so nicely written. I had spent good time in reading this hub. To me, overall this hub looks good and interesting. Voted up.