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Journey into Darkness

Updated on October 9, 2014


Nina woke up at 3 am again and couldn't get back to sleep. She decided that watching television may help her fall back to sleep, but it hasn't worked the last few weeks that she's tried it. She grabbed the remote from under her pillow and turned on the television. It was an old horror movie on and she was sure that would only make her insomnia worse. After channel surfing for a few minutes she found an old action movie that she's seen over 10 times. She smiled as she knew that watching a movie that she has seen many times would send her off like a baby. She drifted off to sleep 15 minutes after watching the movie. Her peaceful sleep didn't last long as she heard a strange scratching and tapping from above, the ceiling. What could be causing scratching and tapping sounds? Perhaps mice, rats, or maybe something bigger. Going in the attic didn't seem like a reasonable option, but neither was going back to sleep.

Suspensful Exciting Thriller!

The scratching grew louder and Nina jumped out of the bed and ran out of her house and next door to her neighbor's townhouse. She anxiously pounded on the door so hard that she hurt her knuckles.

"Who is it?"

"James open the door! I have an emergency. I need your help!"

James quickly opened the door quickly and was wearing his boxers. Nina has had the hots for James since back in high school when he was the most popular quarterback in the school. He was the cutest guy she's ever know and has always hoped to be more to him then just the school nerd. Ever since James asked her to do his homework back in high school she has been following him around like a hopelessly loyal puppy. In high school she begged her boss to give him a job there and they have had this weird one-sided friendship ever since.

"So what's the deal," James asked while rubbing his eyes.

Nina stared at his sweaty well built physique and briefly forgot why she was there.

"It's so hot tonight isn't it?"

"You better be kidding me! I know you didn't come over here to ask me that!"

"Oh, uh no. There is something in my attic! It sounds really big! You have to come look! Please!"

"Women! Fine. Let me go put on my pants."

James shuffled off like a five year to get his pants mumbling under his breath. Nina was secretly happy that James was alone inside of his house. The last time she popped over pretending to need a cup of sugar she found James had some sexy chic over sitting on his couch wearing one of his shirts. She was so embarrassed taht she avoided him since then. If it wasn't for the creepy thing in the attic she would not have came over.

James reemerged from his bedroom with a metal baseball bat.

"What's that for?"

"Are you crazy or something? What do you think it's for? You probably got rats or something!"

Willow Water Houses was a luxury townhouse community and the houses were connected. They were well-maintained and weren't the type of homes to have rats or other nasty little creatures. Pets weren't even allowed.

Nina didn't know what was up there and didn't really want to see. She would rather James just go alone and tell her what it was, but she knew that he would not allow that. He was always telling her that she had to be stronger and more brave. He knew that she grew up with a family friend named Emily Green who had never even told her about her family.

It was as if she had always been alone. Emily raised her, but barely spoke to her even as a small child. She bought her all of the things she needed and took her all the places she needed to go, but that was as involved as she got with Nina. Her past has always been a mystery.

James has always suggested that she leap out from her comfort zone and start getting some details on who she is and where she came from. He often made jokes that she was kidnapped as a child, but she knew that wasn't true because she did have one memory from a very young age and that was the day her mother kissed her goodbye as she dropped her off at Emily's house and never returned. She just never knew why.

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