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Truth Slayer

Updated on March 6, 2013

Dismantling Truth for The Sake of Understanding -

The Creating of Lies to Insure The Manifestation of Possibility (and of Truth)

What is Left? (What is Right?)
Earth to Stars - Day to Night
Offered Up my Soul in exchange for a Lifetime of Promises...

Bloody Madness.

If I could be Anywhere -
It would be in The Absence of Reason, in The Emptiness of Chaos -
Bathing in the Flesh of my One True Love.
I Rot.
Instead, I Dwell, -
in the Inner Sanctum of All I never Dreamed I could Be.

Follow Not this Sorry, Sorry Soul
Beware & Begone!

Leave me to my own Divide.
I am not Worth the Love I was printed On.


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