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Truthful words that hurt

Updated on August 5, 2017

Truthful words that Hurt

Do you fight liars with lies

Or try to take a road that's high

Do you use the truth ?

Or lose yourself to what makes the liars lie.....

I'd try to fly and find myself falling everytime.

My life, I despise but it's roots run deep and these streets are cold and cruel.

That's why my mind is in a constant duel with what I want and what is right.

But still I fight to get through every day and night just to find a light...

My pockets are empty

My heart is heavy and my soul is burdened with demons from the past.

I ask myself

"Is this what you want"

My whole life has been a front..

To appeal to those who chose to let me go in the end.

I guess that wasn't time well spent.

And i guess you could say that this is the end of a chapter that was longer than necessary cause I couldn't let them go,

Not knowing they were my family once before....and it hurts me to my core knowing I was never sought except to be slandered with malicious lies from unreliable spies whose eyes were tainted with green if you know what I mean.

I went running everytime one of my own needed me no matter where I was there never scared and always prepared so tell me why you feel envy towards a soul so friendly, how could you befriend me just to call me your enemy.

Brother's from mothers on different paths and fathers who have been lost in the past.

I ask

How could you hate me cause I can't relate?

I've been lost in ways you could never hope to see and somehow set myself free.

Life is but a dream it seems but nightmares do come true.

© 2017 Malik Sierra


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