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Try to be me

Updated on January 25, 2011

Try to be me



I try to have a normal life,
be a proud mother, maybe a wife.

The pain I've endured has sunken down deep,
it hurts from my head
, way down to my feet.

I seem to have a cloud that follows me still,
just tryin to be honest, for hurt that I fear.

A tornado destroying all the feelings inside,
then disappear in a hole I will hide.

Some say they feel like they've been hit by a train,
not my intentions to cause anyone pain.

My hearts like a iron workers hands after years,
calloused and rough from holding the tears.

I'm trying to be different, trying something new,
I want to be happy, tired of feeling blue.

Forgive me, good ones who have felt my wrath,
I am still wounded from those from my past.


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    • profile image

      cory york  6 years ago

      Love this