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Trying to Decide on an Evergreen Topic for an Article? 4 Ways to Come Up with New Article Ideas

Updated on July 7, 2012

When sitting in front of the computer to write an evergreen article (an article about a timeless topic, such as manners), many people suffer writers block. They know they want to write, but they aren't sure where to begin. Many get stuck when trying to decide on an article topic. Here are four ideas to get you thinking about new article ideas.

1. Brainstorm ideas.

Every so often, spend some time writing down article ideas. Don't judge and don't erase. Just keep jotting ideas down in whatever form they come to you. Let your mind wander down a new path and just keep writing the ideas down. The goal is not to come up with the perfect topic, but to get as many ideas on paper as possible. After you are done brainstorming, you can polish the list (if you want) and narrow it down to the articles that best interest you and/or your readers. It's also a good idea to refer to the raw list once in a while just to see what new ideas it sparks. And, try not to erase ideas, even if they seem a bit silly or obscure. You may find that when you refer back your my "topic list" it spurs many other potential article ideas. Then, when it's time to write content, you can just pull an idea from your topic list and begin writing.

2. Keep a notebook handy.

Have a notebook on hand at all times so when an idea strikes you can jot in down. You never know wen you might be inspired. An electronic notebook is perfect - you probably already have the application on your smart phone. It's even better if the software allows you to dictate your ideas, rather than typing them. This way you can jot down ideas for future articles while on the go. If having access to a notebook at all times doesn't work for you, then jot ideas on whatever is handy, a napkin, envelope, etc. Just be sure to add the ideas to your master list at a later time. 

3. Know your creative rhythms.

There are certain times of the day when we are most creative. Know when that is for you - is it first thing in the morning, during lunch, just before going to bed? Harness that creativity. Set aside some time when you know you are going to be most creative to write and to generate content ideas.

4. Solve a problem.

Think of problems you think need solved or questions you have. Chances are others have the same problem or question. Do the research for yourself and then share the solution or answer with others through an article. Consider keeping a list of questions you have. You can refer back to this list of questions when you are generating ideas for your master list of topics.

These suggestions can help you develop a good pool of ideas for your next article when you are stick with writers block. Once you have a good supply of potential article topics, you can focus on developing content.


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