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Ultimate destination.

Updated on April 29, 2015

Since the day,

when I saw you,

I felt that a smiling ray,

of moonlight even in the day,

is playing with your,

melted butter cheeks.

I saw, the long hair,

uncontrolled, here and there,

inviting my eyesight,

to prevent me to see your beauty.

I saw you, walking in the street,

like a female deer,

wandering in the pleasant sunlight,

in the middle of a deep darkened forest.

I saw when you suddenly moved back,

I pretended not to see you,

but in actual, my heart was to come out,

an unknown feeling made me,

to shout with joy,

in the closed mouth.

Now, from two days,

I have not seen you,

even I tried my best,

and seems that these two days,

as longer as two era.

How am I alive here ?

without seeing you my dear,

I am astonished on my life,

which has now only aim to see,

and see you, as much I can.

I don't know, whether you looked at me or not,

I am also unaware of the fact,

whether you feel like me or not,

but I think, I have found my destination,

for which I had roamed in search of,

I love you,

love you and,

love only you, my love.


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