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Trying to say - Love you, MOM.

Updated on April 29, 2015

Once upon a time,

in the childhood of mine,

I felt the person,

cares me a lot,

is none but my MOM.

I just unaware of words,

moved towards,

without knowing,

any expression,


my MOM's affection,

suddenly told her,

MOM - I love you.

During my teenage,

my life's another page,

was opened before me,

when my father,

explored me,

about building up,

my existence,

and he became,

like a fence,

of the atmosphere,

surrounded me,

and then I,

by heart, told him,

Father, I love you.

During my education,

mostly in vacations,

I quarreled with,

sisters and brothers,

also have affection,

between each other,

When they,

helped in all ways,

and ready,

to guide always,

I, with my most,

emotional feelings,

said to them,

Brothers and Sisters,

........ I love you.

When I encountered,

with the turn of life,

the most,

heart failing moment,

came to rise,

I saw you,

with the full,

beauty of nature,

almost to do,

my heart capture,

and suddenly,

I felt that I am no more,

but meaningless,

searching your,

beats of heart,

when rhyming with mine,

fainting in your dreams,

you shine,

I often smell you,

I often want to tell you,

but could not find,

what will spell you,

It is true,

you and I often met,

but not expressed yet,

When you are,

in front of mine,

even when,

I imagine,

I, with my full swing,

want to say

but trying,

and trying till date...

I love you,,,,,,,,,,,,,


I love you.


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