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Tsunami Ghosts Haunt Japan

Updated on March 31, 2014

by Christine B.

In 2011 approximately 20,000 people perished in a huge tsunami that ravaged Natoni, Japan. Since then there have been many accounts of ghosts in the area. There have also been numerous reports of possessions and exorcisms taking place with the survivors. The head priest at the local Zen temple states that he has personally exorcised several people who believed they had been taken over by tsunami victims.

A local fire department has been plagued by phone calls requesting aid at buildings that had been demolished by the tsunami. When they arrive at the scenes no one is there and none of the phantom callers were ever identified.

A cab driver working in Sendai recounted how a sad-looking man got into the back seat of his cab and asked to be taken to an address in an area that had been destroyed by the tsunami. When the cab got to the address the cab driver noticed that the man had vanished from his cab. The cabby opened the door to his back seat and let the spirit out where he requested to be taken.

One woman who believed she was possessed by one of the tsunami victims said that she was a father looking for his daughter. The father said that he was now at the bottom of the sea and unable to swim up because there were dead bodies all around him.

The Japanese people believe soundly in the spirits of their ancestors and consider them still with them. This could be the reason that so many spirit sightings and possessions have been reported there. When that many people die so abruptly and tragically the event imprints the atmosphere forever, as it does in almost all battlefields where hundreds of soldiers have perished in various wars throughout the world.


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