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Tumbleweed Dreams: Part 4

Updated on September 26, 2014

Nowhere Else To Go

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Very well. if she had to stay with this man she could make it work. All she had to do was stay as far away from him as possible. "I will be happy to pay my way if you tell me how much I will owe you for a weeks worth of time." By now they had made their way to a barn located in front of the house. Daisy wondered how many horses they kept for riding. It was a nice gesture to offer the guests, one she may use to aid in her decision to stay away. "I appreciate your kind offer to allow me a place to sleep, but I do not wish to take charity and be pitied."


Bradley smirked and dropped the bridle over the hitching post just outside of the barn. Turning back around her faced the woman who had followed him outside. "I don't remember inviting you here. As for pity, you won't find any from me.

"Good. I-"

Interrupting her he carried on with his response. "As for payment, you can start with the kitchen."

"The kitchen?"

"You want room and board? You work for it. Same as everyone else."

The look she gave him in reply could have caused a rattlesnake to turn for the hills.


"You expect me to work?!" Daisy could barely contain the rage she felt. First he had insulted her and now he wanted her to clean his house? "Mr. Miller, I did not travel all this way to do the work of a servant girl."

"I never implied that you did."

Stomping her foot and growing in frustration, Daisy turned on heel and with a angry snap of her skirt headed back for the house. Never had she been treated in such a way. Stomping her way back she got a good look at Miller Ranch. It was not what she had expected a ranch to look like. The house, dull in both color and size, lacked any appeal. A garden to the right of it, over flowing with plants she couldn't decipher or tell apart, looked as if it provided enough food for a battalion of people. Perhaps he had more customers than she thought. The yard in front of the house was bare, the only grass being a few rough patches. Walking into the house she noted again the mess of dishes and the dust and grime that seemed to be on every surface. She understood now why there appeared to be no maid. Clearly Mr. Miller had not found one who would dare to put up with his rough manners.


Bradley chuckled quietly to himself as he worked, listening to the sound of what he knew to be a angry woman packing. Had anybody asked he could have counted off the time it would take her and exactly how long it would be until she announced that she wanted to leave. A loud thump told him she had managed to drag her trunk out to the porch and he glanced over his shoulder to find her marching his way. The hem her skirt dragging in the dirt, leaving a small could of dust behind her.

"I wish to leave this instant. You are to take me back to town where I will either find someone who will be kind enough to give me a place to stay or I will walk home."

Standing from the short stool he had been sitting on, Bradley walked into the barn and hung the patched bridle on a peg in the wall. "You want to go to town?" He turned around and looked her in the eye while he said, "You walk." With a grin that he meant to be insulting he stepped past her back out into the yard. This woman had better get it through her pretty little head that he was not putting up with her fancy ways. "Hope you like sleeping in the jail house. It's either there or the saloon. Course you probably won't get a place there unless yer working." He didn't need to turn around to see her anger, he could feel it cutting through her eyes and looking through him. He held his chuckle in, imagining what she would do if she actually had to work at the saloon.


Once again Daisy stomped her foot and glared. She was developing a bad habit being around this man. How dared he insinuate that she work at the saloon. She was a well trained lady and ladies never, never, went into a place like that. With a angry sigh of frustration she walked back to the front porch, dropping to sit on the edge of her trunk. If he was right, and as much as she disliked thinking it, he probably was, she had no choice but to stay at Miller Ranch. One week. She only needed to last one week. Certainly she could put up with a few chores. It couldn't be that hard. She cast a glance in Millers direction to find him looking over his shoulder at her, a smirk on his rude, but rather handsome face. It was that smirk that did it. She would show him. She could last in this wilderness. Standing from her trunk she squared her shoulders and marched back over to him.


"I've thought things over and as much as it irritates me to say so, it seems you are right. I have nowhere else to go. Am I clear in assuming you will not except a payment in the form of money?"

"That's correct."

"Very well."

Bradley watched in slight confusion as she turned and walked back to the house, her head held high as she did. He had not expected her to give up so easily. Something told him he should have taken the money and left it at that.

-To Be Continued-

© 2014 Bakerosity


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