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Tummy Guys No Need To Shy

Updated on July 31, 2017
Rachu Murali profile image

Muralidhar as rachu murali have Logged in On 26-June-2017 In hubpages to Show His talent on Writing Poetry.

Tummy Guys No Need To Shy

Of Course I Have The Bloated Fatty Tummy,

Tummy Loves Me As I Love My Lovely Mummy,

I May Walk Little Slow But I Am Not The Dummy,

I Who Make You Laugh, I Am Your Precious Gemmy,

I Make You Smile At Least For A While As I Look Funny,

Tummy May Loose As I Walk I May Sweat In Sunny,

I Am Happy To Make You Happy Instead Of Making Penny,

I Am Great Full For Myself And I Am Actual Bonny.

God Creates The Creatures Who Preach As Our Teacher,

He Who Knows What To Be Given Given For Our Future,

We Have Born To Make World Laugh And Will Save Nature,

Tummy Guys No Need To Shy We Can Write Literature,

Let Them Laugh, Let Them Smile, Let Them Forget Worries For A While.

© 2017 Muralidhar Krishnamurthy


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