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Turbulent Winds of Change.

Updated on January 18, 2011

Looking out upon my valley, I welcomed in the birth of day.

Or was it merely an illusion, beckoning to me in the deep recesses of sleep.

Caressing winds, like whispering velvet, dance and rolled and played.

Somewhere across those miles, past the mountains, beyond my shore,

This morning said hello to you before knocking on my day’s door.

Did you wake to storms, or quiet skies when rising from your sleep?

I awoke to storms that rage within my soul, such that made me weep.

It now brings with it a dawn unlike the ones witnessed before.

And it will leave behind with us what we have yet to find.

But then I wonder, what if there may be nothing more?

But something haunts our deepest chambers from across the miles.

And perhaps all we crave and envy is a smile.

And so, if this moment is all the time we’ve been granted,

Let’s not be cruel in our words or judgmental with lines.

I pray always you grow wherever life finds you planted.

Until you step through that next portal of time.

I may not be able to walk with you, for my fears are


But know that I shall always be there,

Dancing in those velvet winds as my shelter,

As my tears welcome in their refuge.

We are of this life, and it shall always be.

No matter whether asleep or awake,

We shall feel the gentle quake.

A brand new year summons in the mysteries

Of yet to come.

Let us live life, together even tho apart.

The turbulent changes of time.

Will forever chime.

© 2010 ~Laurie~


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    • LaurieDawn profile image

      LaurieDawn 7 years ago

      Thank you Daydreamer! It is nice to "see" you again. I hope you have been well.

      Blessings and hugs,


    • daydreamer13 profile image

      daydreamer13 7 years ago

      These words are pure silk. Such a smooth flow to them. Wonderful!

    • LaurieDawn profile image

      LaurieDawn 7 years ago

      Thank you Doug. Yes it has been a while, and it is nice to have you "stop" by again. I hope you have been doing well. I just read your latest piece and it is wonderful.

      Blessings and hugs,


    • profile image

      Doug Turner Jr. 7 years ago

      This is sweeping and powerful stuff. "Until you step through that next portal of time" -- I like that; almost has a sci-fi feel to it, which is a good indicator of your poetic diversity. Glad I stopped in; it's been a while. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

    • LaurieDawn profile image

      LaurieDawn 7 years ago

      Thank you Sally, it sure is isn't it, change is very interesting, whether we want it or not!



    • Truckstop Sally profile image

      Truckstop Sally 7 years ago

      Change is interesting. Good, bad, or indifferent. I love the line -- I pray always you grow wherever life finds you planted.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • LaurieDawn profile image

      LaurieDawn 7 years ago

      And you my Dear Man always say the most charming words, with the most delightful delivery!

      I hope this new year brings you peace, joy, love and more words of wonderful pleasure that they bring!

      Blessings and a great big hug!


    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago

      ...mighty and epic lines of poetry my beautiful friend - you can certainly write like the perfect storm - and I am always blown away by it .......

    • LaurieDawn profile image

      LaurieDawn 7 years ago

      @Arthur-Thank you for stopping by with your kinds words. I write what my soul feels, I know of no other way to put it. Thank you again. And may your new year bring you happiness and peace, and many blessings.

      @Saddlerider-It is such a pleasure to be with wonderful scribes such as yourself, and have the beauty of the written word put to prose, and poetry. Inspiring and filling my soul with yearning to always be fed more. Thank you for your kind wishes, and may your new year of 2011 be filled with good friends, good health, love, and peace and blessings, many blessings may it bring.


      @Justsilvie-Thank you Sweetie for being so supportive and with your kind words. It has been such a pleasure to have you here. May your new year bring you nothing but good blessings.



    • profile image

      Justsilvie 7 years ago

      You write with such pure beautiful heart wrenching emotion it is both joyful and painful to read. *Big hug*

    • saddlerider1 profile image

      saddlerider1 7 years ago

      The soul awakens to a new dawn and brings forth a tear of wonderment for coming year. The tides will ebb and flow and stir our minds and spirits to scribe and pen words of encouragement to mankind.

      Have peace knowing that you are alive and your mind is moving you to glow in your darkness and be a lamplight under the feet of dependent souls of people you know.

      You will cast a broad shadow of hope, love and peace to mankind, let your heart reach out and continue to be creative with your pen. Happy New Year my fellow scribe, be blessed this 2011 and beyond. Hugs

    • Arthur Gulumian profile image

      Arthur Gulumian 7 years ago from Pasadena, CA

      I like it. Great work. Rarely do I ever see people actually tap into their emotions and know the true words to express them. Thank you.

    • LaurieDawn profile image

      LaurieDawn 7 years ago

      My Dear Friend Darski, you are always here with your encouraging words, and your friendship. Thank you for spreading around your joy and your peace. You brought a smile to my face and a song to my heart with all the kindness you share. Yes, life is hard with its realities, but what gets us through are our friends, family and those that care. Thank you Sweet Lady and may your new year be met with happiness, joy, health and all the wonderful wishes it can bestow.

      Blessings, and hugs,


    • Darlene Sabella profile image

      Darlene Sabella 7 years ago from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ...

      My Dear Laurie, my soul hears you oh so clear, we are here on this place and time, and we all have each other to share,cry, laugh, and be silly together, life is reborn each day, yet somethings we try so hard to leave behing. I reach out in the mist to where you are, and touch your tear and say, life is so hard, be brave my dear heart we are together in this. You and I are not alone, we have are hubber friends, family and old friends. Yet this is the best. Love you dear, peace always in your heart, this would being me great joy when you wake without a tear. rate up, peace darski

    • LaurieDawn profile image

      LaurieDawn 7 years ago

      @Acaetnna-Thank you so much Sweetie. I love your words too. And I wish you the best of New Years!

      @Pooh-Thank you Dear Lady for your inspiring words. I hope you have the best of New Years and many blessings in this upcoming year.

      Blessings and hugs,


    • LaurieDawn profile image

      LaurieDawn 7 years ago

      @Fiddleman-Thank you !

      @Ahorseback-Thank you for your kind words. I woke up yesterday with that same feeling, but also with the knowledge that a new year is beginning soon and hopefully it will be a better year ahead than the last year. So here is to a New Year and hopefully the blessings it brings!

      Blessings and hugs,


    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 7 years ago from On the edge

      Straight from your soul - very powerful and wonderful!

    • acaetnna profile image

      acaetnna 7 years ago from Guildford

      You are great and I love your poetry - so full of emotion.

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 7 years ago

      Hi Laurie Dawn , I like this , I have to read it a couple of more times , I awoke one morning awhile ago with a overpowering feeling of sadness and felt the tears on my face! After a dream about old family stuff , this poem brings that to mind. Thanks for reaching inside me , thats what I love about writing! And reading others words! Peace be within your are gifted with your words.

    • profile image

      Fiddleman 7 years ago



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