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Turn The Key

Updated on February 28, 2017

Turn The Key

Many emotions fill up the human heart

Some are happy and some are sad

One needs to take a good look inside

We have no reason to run away and hide

Turn the key to your future

An awakening hence an opened door by which to explore

We have come this far not to turn back now

No use looking back on the plough

There are lines that divide the heart apart

We should look closer then ever before

To share a kiss with a loved one

To read a book to those longing to hear

For I shed a single tear to numb the pain

Turn the key to the next episode of your life

some added spice with everything nice

Angelic emblems that come down out of the sky

A wish to touch the heart that bleeds

Turn the key to stop the riots in are street

Shadows Beckoning Call

Through a window we can vaguely see

A hear felt call or mystery

The cause to claim a new found game

Stretch for the arm to a hero's claim

Many stand in long lines of devastation

Shadows through the screen window

The cry in the night

Onto another episode


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