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Turn down letter sample, interview rejection letter

Updated on October 8, 2009

How to write an interview rejection letter

Below is a sample letter where a job applicant has not been successful at securing an interview. This type of letter is sometimes called an interview rejection letter or a turn down letter. No one likes receiving these types of letters so the writer must choose their words carefully so as not to hurt the receiver. Many Human Resources or Recruitment departments have templates that they use for this type of letter. They just enter a few details and the letter is ready in seconds. The one below is quite general so it can be changed to address a variety of situations. The content can be modified by changing the names, dates, career path mentioned and so on.

Click here to find out how to write effective letters. Additional job-related letter samples are available here.


Fina Foster
25 Drink Road
The Waterways
Washington DC
DC 56783-576

Dear Fina Foster

Re: Job Application

Thank you for applying for the position of Junior Analyst in the department of Equipment Finance.

We have completed reviewing all the applications that we received and are now compiling a list of candidates whom we are going to interview in the coming few weeks. These are the applicants whom we feel are most suitable and appropriate for the position. Even though we received over 300 applications, we are only able to take on five people.

Unfortunately, we are not able to meet personally with every candidate, and we regret to inform you that you were not among the group of candidates selected to proceed to the next stage of interviews. If for some reason we are not successful in filling the positions during this process, your application may be considered again.

In the meantime, I want to thank you for your interest in this position and hope that you will be able to find a suitable position elsewhere. If you are interested in finding out about our company's other job opportunities and openings, feel free to visit our website at or call our recruitment hotline at 253-254 2566.

I wish you success in your search.

Yours Sincerely,


Turn down letter sample, interview rejection letter
Turn down letter sample, interview rejection letter


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      你好~我在seattle找工找已經一個多月了, 因為opt的關係一定要找major相關的工作, 我是UW electrical einennerigg BS 的, 這個月來都是在學校的husky job和craigslist上找工作, resume send了十多份但只有一份有回覆, 上星期五電話interview後今天收到recruiter電話說我不太適合, 落空了... 請問你可以給點意見嗎? 再找不到工作十月底就要離開美國了...你的blog真的很有用, 我會再詳細看看, 如果有時間請email我聯絡, poewong at gmail dot comthanks a lot

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Ray:因為電話interview我的是那邊部門的director, 我是讀embedded computing sytesm專門的而這份工份是microwave wireless的, 我報的時候他門說是entry level, 有training所以我才放心去報, 但在phone interview中, 那個director一開始就問我懂不懂microwave, 問我學校有沒有take過microwave的班, 我說都沒有, 因為學校好像只有開一班microwave, 一年只有一次, 但我take過另外一個wireless班是fm的, 然後他再跟我說entry level engineer的工作範疇, 我覺得我都能勝任, 但最後recruiter打來是說director給了他feedback, 說他們想找一個有wireless background的人, 我心想, 有background就不算是entry level吧...現在很迷茫... 第一份有回音的工作見不成, 限期又快到了... 每天看也見不到適合的工作, entry level的都很少, 現在想不收人工也做了, 進一些較大的工司做volunteer, 因為賺美金是其次, 主要是想留在這邊先取些經驗, 父母也同意, 但又不知道有什麼門路可以進去當volunteer, 你知道嗎?還有你常說的直接聯絡recruiter是怎樣找? 是upload resume上去你所說的求職網, recruiter看中就會找你嗎?謝謝

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      compose a Letter to be sent to an applicant who has not been successful at the interview stage


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