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Turning Point

Updated on June 8, 2012

Changing Discomfort To Comfort

That is real easy

Just drop the dis

I wish all things in life was that easy

When we are irrated by something

My mother use to say when something gets your goat

I have only seen goats three times in my life so I felt nothing or know one is going to get my goat

If they did it wasn't going to be a big deal

If she said when someone takes my icecream I would of thought different

A problem that arises out of nothing

An issue that builds over time and becomes a big blow out

Some say when things blow up in your face

A feeling of depression that starts hanging around

When I feel achey and sore for no reason

A leg cramp or a lower back pain

Headaches that come and go

Teeth that give us a problem and are sensitive to something cold we drink

We better get it checked out but we hold off hoping it was nothing

When our feet are sore and we have been standing all day

A bug bite that just won't go away

My list goes on and on

But all these things have found a way to bother me little by little

When my head itches it is time to change my same shampoo

I feel flakes and dandruff

I can't stand it any more

They might seem so petty but they really get under my skin

So once and for all I try to banish them all

Like a law that doesn't exist no more

Out of date and out of mind

I will have nothing of the kind

I continue on getting all the negative feelings off my chest

Making room for more good

I want to feel honest and happy

Guenuine and sweet

Satisfied and more interested in how to make my world become better

It all starts with my attitude to change the things I know

How I look at what bothers me so

I have had it many times and I have cursed until I was red in the face

Now how silly and rediculious is that

When I could of been laughing like a laughing hienna all along

Singing wonderful songs of praise and companionship

Finding all my greatest interests and working them till they pop

Like poptarts in a toaster I can't wait till they turn brown

They I can eat them and taste the sweetness of strawberry,bluebery or cinnamon

I look to make the good stick like a those Post notes on my refridgerator

Hanging around forever for everyone to see and feel

We can all find the bad in life

It is when we turn the bad to good and keep the good coming for along time after that

You have the idea and you are better than me

I can learn from you wait and see

You started with a smile and then soon after a laugh

The bad can not bother us when we stay in a good mood

We have to band togehter like a stack of hundreds my father always would say

If I had just a couple stacks of hundreds that is all I would need

You wouldn't see or hear from me

I would be long gone

Living the good life paying off every bill

But we never had that chance

LIttle did I realize we had made that choice to make the right decision

This way we felt like we were rich not in money but in life

That was the real secret that was revealed little by little

Money comes and goes like the hairs on a mans chin

Once you shave they look like they are gone for good

Then hours later you see a little stubble where did it come from

I was so happy when things went smooth

Now all bumpy what can I do

Enjoy the good as long as I can

Enjoying having fun a lttle longer

Dreaming and wishing and making my day good

It is a feeling no money can buy

So if your like me hold onto every moment

Cherish each day

For this is the only way to live

You knew it all along

Just doing it took a little longer

Start small and work big

Don't look back

Look ahead of where you want to be

Keep your eyes fixed on a prize

That will be a wonder you made happen

One that you keep making as long as you want

It is more than alright to feel this way every day of your life

You don't need luck you need trust

That takes you beyond every good feeling

It is not by chance it is a choice you make

That feels only one way Great!!!!!


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      6 years ago

      I love to see all the optimists band together and have so much fun.

    • picklesandrufus profile image


      6 years ago from Virginia Beach, Va

      Yes Indeed, it is all in the attitude! Geez, if I focused on all of my discomforts, I would be a pessimist for sure!! Nice hub.


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