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Turning Seventeen 2: More than this

Updated on August 27, 2012

If you read Turning Seventeen: Any guy you want and want to find more about the girls, then be ready for Turning Seventeen: More than this.

Turning Seventeen: More than this number two is Jessica's story. She is smart and has a loving boyfriend named Alex. She wants to go further but he wants to wait because his brother got a girl pregnant at a young age and it ruined their future. He does not want it to happen with him and Jessica.

Jessica has a family party to go to and can't get out of it. While she is there she meets up with an old friend Scott. She is attracted to Scott and they kiss. She then meets him to exchange notes since they have the same proffessor.

One night she stays at her friend Bree's and go to a party. Scott wants to go further but she does not want to. She leaves the party and comes back. When she returns she find him and Bree in another room.

Later on she breaks it off with Scott and talks to Alex. She tells Alex that she still wants to see him but that they should each other people as well. He agrees because he feels that they are too committed at a young age and he might go further than he wants to.

It is a book full of suspenseful drama. Since it is an old book libraries might have it or you could order it from your local bookstore. It was published in 2000 but could be read over and over again.


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