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Turning Seventeen #3: For Real

Updated on September 17, 2012

If you have read the first two turning seventeen books then you will enjoy Turning Seventeen #3: For Real.

This is Maya's story. It starts with her driving around because her assult with T.J. is eating at her. She goes to her friend Kerri's and her mom gives her a therapist to talk to. When she gets home she speaks to her father but he doesen't want her seeing anyone. He is running a campaign and hardly has time for her. She has people in her house telling her how to dress and it is bothering her.

She speaks to the therapist and a guy Luke Perez shows intrest in her. At first she is scared to be with him because of what happened with T.J. She ends up giving him a chance and he ends up being a nice guy.

At the end she writes her story in her school paper and soon people start to believe her. At first T.J. was making rumors about her and she was being harrased by everyone.

This book is full of drama but it is still great since it tells one girls point of view. One girl who went through so much did get justice and her happy ending.


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