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Turning Seventeen: Any Guy You Want

Updated on August 6, 2012

Are you in high school? Do you have any kids who are in high school? One series that is hard to find but are great to read are the Turning Seventeen series. There are eight different books. It is about four girls; Kerri, Jessica, Maya and Erin. All of them have a different story to tell.

The first one is Kerri's story in Turning Seventeen #1: Any Guy You Want. In that book by Rosalind Noonan Kerri is always told that she could get any guy that she wants. She does a bet on a guy names Matt and she ends up winning the bet.

Kerri also pushes her friend Maya to go out with this guy T.J. When Maya is finally alone with T.J. He ends up sexually assulting her. She is then scared to trust any guy.

This book is for young adults but is a book that will make you or your child want to keep reading more. Go to your local library or bookstore and see if you could order the book.


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