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Twice Thought-sthguohT eciwT

Updated on March 2, 2010

Twice Thoughts-sthguohT eciwT

Jesus thought twice about his
earthly father's occupation
as men nailed him to a cross
during the rite of crucifixion
for his earthly father

... the carpenter

would have chosen

a much smoother wood
to sculpt that

vertical deathbed
sanded to a soft patina
with loving care
and the nails would have been
driven in..with three quick blows
not the clumsy, painful, unskilled
efforts of the Roman soldiers
ordered to carry out his demise
~_|_ _|_ _|_~
 ~ | ~  |~ ~|~
Jesus thought twice
about his earthly

Father's abilities
as he hung dying
and once about

his heavenly Father
and his sacrifice of love
sending his only son
and wondering why he had
forsaken him to
such a crude exit.
~  | ~
Lee Harvey Oswald

thought twice
after the fact
about his thoughtless decision
to remove a head of state
with a bit of lead sent spinning
across hundreds of yards
to implode the brains of JFK
over countless masses

who stood adoring
and then watched him

die in his wife's arms.
Lee's first thought

was of great satisfaction
just a split second after that volley
of his rifle was fading into history
when he saw the last of Camelot
jerk and tumble into the limo
as it vanished in a speedy blur.
 -\ /-
 -/ \-
His second thought

was one of deep regret
as he huddled in that theatre
and heard the footfalls of his hunters
approach to apprehend him
for his heiniuos act
cop and president

killer that he was
like a pigeon in a cage
his life was now out of his hands
flight was out of the question
and his future looked

anything but Ruby!
Think twice whenever

"you" approach
a matter into which
your fate could change
think twice and
then go with your instinct
accept the inevitable
or follow your heart
to a brighter tommorrow.
Jesus thought twice
and it showed him
not only the love of
his earthly father
but also the love and

the neccesary plan of

his heavenly commands
and in these small comforts
when it was finished
he found peace
for us all.
Lee Harvey could have avoided
his gut wrenching encounter
with vengeance on the loose
if his first thought
had not been of the satisfaction
wrought after murder but rather

one of regret much like

he felt later in the theater.
if he had turned away
and forsaken that
evil deed
he may have realized that
most satisfaction
is usually fleeting
but regret can haunt
a soul forever. ©-MFB III


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