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Twilight Review

Updated on August 29, 2012

Review of Twilight

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series has everything you could ever want from an epic teen romance. Classic 'vampire loves human' story filled with depth of character and emotional connections that leaves the reader wanting more.

The first book of the series is called Twilight. The story is told through the perspective of 17 year old Isabella Swan. She moves from sunny Phoenix, Arizona, to small town and rainy Forks, Washington, to live with her father when her mother decides to move to Florida. She meets and ends up falling in love with Edward Cullen who is a century old vampire who will forever be 17.

The vampires in the book are described as being the most beautiful and graceful beings anyone has ever seen. They are defined by their pale skin and a slight darkness under their eyes which give them an otherworldly appearance while still being able to pass off as human. Edward, along with the rest of his family Alice, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, Esme and Carlisle, are a family of vampires that have chosen to live a “vegetarian” life (meaning they do not hunt humans). That doesn’t mean that they are not still attracted to human blood, they have simply chosen to overcome their basic instincts to kill.

When Bella comes to town Edward is forced to use all his strength to keep himself from biting her. He feels a pull to her blood that he has never experienced before from another human. He is also intrigued by her because she is the only being whose thoughts he cannot hear. This frustrates him and makes him even more obsessed with her because she is something of a mystery to him, which he has never experienced before. It is this dynamic that makes their relationship such a great story. It is classic Romeo and Juliet, two people who want to be together but know that they shouldn’t be.

This first book is a true masterpiece filled with love, angst, hope, humor and a depth of character that will enchant readers of any age. The chemistry and connection between Edward and Bella oozes from every page while the pace of the story keeps the reader turning the pages until it is finished. The final scenes are truly magnificent as if fully tests and proves the love that Edward feels for Bella and the reader struggles with him as he fights his instincts to try and save her life.

I enjoyed the way that Stephenie Meyer took a classic myth and made it her own. She didn’t stick to the traditional ‘vampire burns in the sun, is afraid of garlic and can be killed with a stake through the heart’ recipe. There is a scene after Bella figures out for herself that Edward is in fact a vampire where she does research online to find out if he really fit the description. I felt it suiting that she touched upon the traditional myths and then throwing them all out the window and saying “ok, that is what everyone else’s version is, now here is MY story”. I suggest that the reader have the next book handy because you are going to want to dive right into the second book after finishing this one.

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