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Twisted Big Freaking Words

Updated on May 16, 2014

Having a little fun with unique words and their definitions.

The inspiration for this document was the article titled "New and Improved 202 Big Freakin' Words (every writer should know)" by C.E. Gaines Jr. (a great list of "big freaking words" that one might not normally use in their everyday language - it has since been removed) and how a little humor might be squeezed from the fruits of this vocabulary.

It is this author's hope that you find a small bit of humor in this offering.

Anchorite: What anchors are made from.

Apposite: A place for conducting Appo.

Axiomatic: Another word for an automobile's transmission.

Bibulous: Look great in a bib.

Bucolic: A person that drunkenly tries to break horses.

Bumptious: How you look after a really great boob job.

Cabalistic: The state of being angry in a taxi.

Cairn: Having feelings for someone.

Campanile: An Italian company that sponsors outdoor events in Egypt.

Carbolic: Doing something evil with a soft drink.

Catarrh: A feline pirate.

Celerity: A vegetable grown only in Hollywood.

Charnel: Flammable perfume.

Chary: The black coating that forms on toast when heated for too long.

Circumambulate: Drawing a line around someone's breast.

Cogitate: The meshing of gears.

Convivial: Inmates being nice to one another.

Corpulent: A loan organization that specializes in servicing marines.

Crepuscular: The strength gained from preparing crepes.

Dearth: Padumeh's private nickname for Annakin once he joined the Sith.

Debouch: An injury to a female member of high society.

Defilade: Splashing a child's drink on the wall to create graffiti.

Diaspora: Italian word for death caused by inhaling too much mold.

Didactic: Proof in the form of awards that you have been on stage.

Discomfit: The pain that results from wearing clothing that is too tight.

Dolorous: Another word for "greedy".

Dudgeon: A holding cell for people with colds.

Enervate: New ideas in the power industry.

Eponymous: A full grown version of my little eponymous.

Execrating: The act of surgically removing something lodged from the bowels.

Fatuously: Spectacularly falling off your diet. E.g., He ate fatuously.

Feckless: Not having a single feck.

Fecund: The title for the runner-up in a feck race.

Fluvial: What you keep snot in.

Fractious: Any of the "extreme" sports.

Funicular: The next word to replace "cool" as a descriptor.

Fusty: The quality of always complaining about funny smells.

Gesso: A passive response.

Hagiography: The science of locating all your old grammar school teachers.

Histrionic: Someone that gets excited about studying the past.

Hob: Half a Halfling.

Hyperborean: Something you have zero interest in.

Ineluctable: Any republican candidate right now.

Invidious: The classification for a person who has committed a crime using a television.

Malediction: The study of man-speak; can't get enough of the human male.

Mellifluous: Ability to speak easily with melons.

Mendacities: Acts committed by human males that are "over the line" (perhaps including this article); another word for urban renewal.

Miasma: Reference to your own inability to breathe properly.

Mien: How the word, "men" is pronounced in the South.

Nadir: The third and less well known woman who ran around with Thelma and Louise.

Nugacities: Where nugas live.

Nugatory: The nuga equivalent to "no".

Ossified: Being favorably compared to the actor, Ossie Davis.

Paragon: Losing the ability to be a scratch golfer.

Penumbra: A very, very small sunshade.

Petulant: Describes an animal belonging to you having gas.

Philippic: Referring to when Phillip does something stupid.

Phlegmatic: A machine created to remove congestion.

Plenipotentiary: You are the assistant to someone with a lot of promise.

Plinth: The sounds made by a rock when dropped into water by someone with a lisp.

Polyglot: Too many parrots in your inventory.

Purblind: Where a cat becomes oblivious to the outside world when you scratch around its tail.

Rapacious: Lacking the ability to carry a tune.

Recalcitrance: The stupor one falls into when having to reexamine a financial spreadsheet.

Recrudescence: What is left of what you scrubbed off in the shower the second time.

Ribald: The state of losing one's hair due to eating too much bread.

Riposte: Send out a letter again.

Risible: Ability to get out of bed.

Sable: A fairy tale about furry creatures.

Sagacity: The place where long stories are written.

Sangfroid: The category of operas dealing with the id, ego and superego.

Sanguinary: A safe place for Sanguins.

Sapient: Very knowledgeable about maple syrup.

Scabrous: The reaction to replacement workers crossing a union picket line.

Scatological: A Vulcan's xenophobic reasoning that all other races must stay away.

Scudding: The act of a dog dragging its hind quarters on the carpet; shooting off cheap fireworks.

Skirling: Throwing up on your skirt (or kilt).

Spavined: Having called a meeting in a hot tub.

Suppurating: Making dinner.

Titular: See bumpitious.

Tonsorial: Another word for "opera".

Torpor: Godzilla's lesser known nephew.

Trenchant: Singing done while digging a ditch.

Triptych: An uncontrollable muscle twitch related to driving too far.

Turpitudes: Kind words about a tortoise.

Unctuous: Breathlessly awaiting the arrival of your mother's brother.

Unlettered: The state of having an empty mailbox


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    • Bryan Robertson profile image

      Bryan Robertson 4 years ago from Tennessee, United States

      Hi, Kerry43 - Apologies for the looooong time to respond. I have not been active on Hubpages for a while. Have taken a bit of a different direction with my writing. Thanks for the comments--you are very generous! I enjoyed your hub on Aussie slang very much and think you should pursue a new one (if you haven't done one already)! I will try to look on Hubpages more often to see if anything has developed. If I get real industrious, it may be time for me to start making a new list too.

    • profile image

      Kerry43 5 years ago

      oops, I spelled your name incorrectly in my previous post - sorry! :/

    • profile image

      Kerry43 5 years ago

      Brian, how are you? I haven't visited your hubs for so long I was having withdrawal symptoms. I don't know if you recall, but I was inspired to write several oddball hubs about Aussie slang a year or two ago. I have since deleted those, but ti might be time to write a couple of new hubs, especially after this inspiration lol. I kept findinf favorites as I went down the list, but ended up with too many to mention. You crack me up LOL.

      Hope your day has been awesome!