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Twisted Dreams: Toys (short story)

Updated on June 24, 2011

She was seven months pregnant and was sure the baby felt the free-fall as much as she did. The elevator already fell three stories and ten more to go. She glanced over to her husband. She can see in his eyes his brain was searching to find some kind of escape plan. She began crying.

Their three children waited patiently at the dinner table at their home. The room had a woodsy log cabin feel with a warming fireplace. The children were use to their parents coming home late from work.

The elevator then slowed to the second floor and opened its doors following its normal routine. The coupled hurried out the elevator and to the stairs without a word. Once outside the building, they rushed home one foot as fast as their legs would allow.

The couple reached home panting and sweating. The children giggled from their juvenile humor and received their parents with love filled hugs. Their mother set their plates, and filled them with dinner.

‘Me and your dad are gonna go upstairs and freshen up. We’ll be right back’, she said. Their dad gave a goofy reassuring wink that stirred giggles amongst the children.

Once upstairs, the couple began conversating of their recent horrific event, when there was a slight movement within the closet. The two froze; the only thing that moved was the infant in her womb. There was another slight movement again, and then the closet door squeaked open – nothing. The husband chuckled – which was followed by a louder laughing from the stairwell. He peeked out the bedroom door and saw a miniature vintage toy clown make its robotic advances up the stairs.

The husband had an uncontrollable fear of clowns, so much so, that clowns were not permitted in the house. He screamed and threw a shoe at the clown. The shoe caught the clown at its shoulder causing it to lean back, but it retained its balance. It slowly aligned itself, and began laughing at is advance forward once again. The husband ran to a corner in the room, grabbing the phone on a way. With trembling fingers he dialed his cousin, the only person he knew that had a bit of knowledge of demons and possessions. The wife continued throwing random items at the clown, when a life sized badly condition teddy bear walked out the door. His badly stitched left arm was held high with a rusted steak knife in hand. She screamed and began throwing at the bear.

Meanwhile, downstairs, the children were scrambling around in fear. The oldest child took refuge by the fireplace, attempting to make sense of the screams raining down from upstairs. Quietly, a wall panel opened behind him, off the left side of the fireplace. The panel opened wide to reveal a 3” foot doll. Her plastic nude body was charred by fire, her hair matted and right eye drooping. She gripped a machete in her hand, and in quick smooth movements, she lifted her arm, leaned forward, and slashed the child’s body in half at this waist. The siblings screamed at the sight of their brother and began running in panicked circles.

Back upstairs, the wife’s attempts in holding back the bear and the clown were failing. The couple was slowing being backed into a corner. The husband was straining to understand what his hyperventilating cousin was explaining.

‘You’ve let them loose!’ the cousin shouted, ‘You weren’t supposed to get off the elevator!’

‘What do you mean?’ the husband cried back, ‘The elevator was falling, we were gonna die and my –‘

‘Yes’, the cousin cut him off, ‘You were suppose to die! They’ve been silent for too long and now they’re loose!’

The husband began to cry as he pushed past his wife and allowed the bear to dump the steak knife into him.

- wake


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      It's like I'm watching the movie "Scream"..but I know it's just a dream. I have to wake up, too to forget the fear that is building up inside me.

      A very good read! Fast-paced action in tow!