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Two Men on a Trail

Updated on August 31, 2012

The Shadow of Fear

A Horse of the Apocalypse
A Horse of the Apocalypse | Source

Two Men on a Trail

Your pain is real, Sir

And that is why I say this dark September

You must understand a thing or two

About what’s the difference between me and you

Concerning affairs of this land

God left us on, and here we stand

Fear is just like a shadow of sorts

That covers the likes of mystic ports

In the mind of humans every day of the year

It chooses no battle without a seer

And he carries a weight because something’s dear

To his heart whether mist or clear

He must order his legion across studded fields

And place young men where they’re souls yield

Unto God the beauty of their souls

Because something always seeks to control

Our imaginations which are so boundless

The elephant in the corner is completely soundless

It will not stop as long as we draw breath

Because man is unsure of his timely death

And no one is exempt from its dark courage

Even if he is young in his mother’s dotage

Or a squandering aristocrat on the mend

From not knowing why the money he spends

Cleaved from the dust and bitten fruit from a tree

I saw Him when I was on my knees

In the mud and rain and tides of a rift

Between the Love that is our required gift

To escape the toxicity of a lonely night

I thought I might have succumbed to my plight

But the trick you see is the knowing in the knowing

Of a universe that keeps growing and growing

Intrepid I fly because I must and I will

For I have seen what fear can kill

If a place in this world is what you really seek

Take a hiatus from the elementally weak

And spend it with the Red, the positive, the love and grow

The Black watches your move still wherever you go

And that’s a fine thing to be so welcomed

By something even so evil even He’ll come

The left and the right, the up and the down

We roam about this endless town

Blind to the true path we should take in a cloven wood

We’ll never know all that’s to be understood

Take heed, friend, I think you’re in dire need of a kiss

The lights are getting low and I must return to my miss.

-Mike Head (9/1/12)


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      Yes, Michael, God does send his people across studded fields, and He awaits with open arms to receive them in his infinite wisdom and benevolence. We are all the same inside, whether we are big in statue in a thankless society, or so small that we may feel like worms that crawl in the soil. But I ask you, do we not all mean the same to our God and does He not love us all equally? My answer is simple. We will find our answer one day, and it will make us glad.