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Two Paths That Merged.

Updated on January 7, 2010


Two Paths That Merged.




In the inner city sunrise
she rose weeping......


He worked a crossword puzzle
on the subway home,

She had lost her one true love,
shewanted to know forever....

Work was over on his third shift,
at long last
bone weary and so lonely
he sought rest,

She dressed to make her
5:00 A.M. shift quickly
paying no heed to her
dress or style of hair,
skipping her breakfast
she scurried out the doorway,

He was all through with
the last word on his puzzle
and cross at all the last
words gals all gave him,

She reached the subway station
for the northbound,

He got off the southbound
about one block up,
to grab a paper and
some morning air.

She was so depressed
over her state of loving,
it showed plainly in her walk,
her stance, her face,

He chose not to stop
for donuts and coffee
walking down the boulevard
he headed home,
towards his small one bedroom suite,
then he looked around as
he passed by the station
there was much more crime
around the tracks these days
and he noticed her swaying in
quite a strange and frightening way,

She held herself so tightly
wrapped up snug in her own arms
as the train approached.....
she rocked a wee bit harder
nodding her approval of
her next step to come.

He came awake with all
his senses sharpened
like a razor freshly strapped
for a close shave,
he ran hard his feet slapping
at the concrete,
his breath in white puff bursts
of steam arose,
seconds slowed to years as the
hurtling train sped past him,

She started to fall forward
as he reached her,
the train was so close
it's huge light was blinding,

But he snagged her coat
and purse and pulled her back,

She fell into his arms,
sobbing disappointment,

He looked into her eyes
to find a beauty,
unlike any he'd ever
known before,
so fragile, needing someone
to protect her,

She saw rugged, handsome looks
gazing down on her,
and a smile as he said,

"Hey, you almost fell,
Can I buy you coffee

and a donut maybe."

She replied "Yeah great,
thanks so much for the hand."

He offered his as they walked
back to Spudnuts,

Thus the train rolled on
without her underneath,
or inside headed to her
drab, dull workplace.

They fell in love that morn
and saved the mourning.

A chance meeting that
stopped fate in it's tracks.

It happens more then
most folks even realize,
what will you do
when your chance

comes along?







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    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 8 years ago

      That's a good question...

      Really enjoyed this tale :)