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Two Poems that are One

Updated on August 26, 2012

Monday from Above

Out of the air come wafts of a desperate reality

Teetering on the brink of our specialty

We humans are the silliest creatures to date

From being stood-up by those who hate

Now and then our doors of perception

Are relegated to hounds of election

When there’s so much more to a rose

Than a thorn and a blossom to open and close

She is a symbol of complexity

Of which no one can lash to a mast at sea

And knowing this our hearts thump like an apple

Kissing the ground near one who was baffled

By the laws set by you and me

When to be so selfish could pit you eternally

In a land of which gods toss you to the fish

Who wants to be a breakfast dish?

When the study of all dipped your Achilles’ heel—

Helen won the darts of how Paris feels—

Leaving our names to remember forever

Because there’s only one cadre and we’re in it together

Humble your minds and grab at the candy

Life throws at you, pick a road and bandy

With your neighbors—determine the ones who lost

The way to Byzantium, for there is a cost

For the ones who reject love—the other side a mistake

We can remedy in time, face the bellyaches

Understand no person could Shepard us all

But if you believe hard enough, Love’s long and tall

Whoever is your God, wherever you may be

‘We’re forever one,’” says more than she and he.

-Mike Head (8/13/12)



In Loving Augury of Myrtle Jones


When Judas fell like a stone in still water

He took the shape of what we not ought our

Children to know, except when it’s time to share

Our love invisible—if we dare

Because He sees through sea, sand, and, stone

And it’s not right to be alone

Against what Jesus gave himself up unto—

We’re the ones he dropped bread crumbs to

For us to share, and to learn, and give back

The knowledge of the tree guarded by a cat

We ones who believe that it’s not only a cross to bare

But the sun has an equally driven stare

His brother’s the stars and the moon his child—

She’s the answer if you believe much too wild

For animals are created on every single day

And if we find we’re ones too we cannot say

Or the Lord humbles thee with a hot pursuit

Of unimaginable minds taboot, taboot

Up the hills and down our backs

Water—the purest—marks our tracks

And we’ll keep running if required to the beginning of ends

While our vibrations of life secure and mend

The rifts of any soul who has lost their way

We’ll find you child, nap in the hay

And wake to a morning almost too bright to see

There is no cost, there is no fee

But know that it’s admirable to look back and remember

That stormy day last September

When you were tete a tete with the Dark Lord

And he asked you your name when you were bored

And you listened as He spoke into your ears

The sin that’s not right, and it’s right to fear

The comings and goings of our neighbors and citizens

Who choose the easy because the crooked mend

Exactly what the crooked intend

To capture you heart, mind and soul—

The snake stole, and, stole, and stole

Adam and Eve’s glorious appeal

And struck a most egregious deal

So don’t trust—damn it—for trust’s sake

Because love’s out there on the make

To steer your rudder in eventual circles

If you dart like a rabbit or run like a turtle

There’s no finish, wonder the fertile

Because everything is alive and One with you, Myrtle.

-Mike Head (8/9/12)


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    • whonunuwho profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      Interesting work and a special cadence to it, I like the rhythm and the messages you send. Keep up the good writings.


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