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Love Poems

Updated on March 7, 2022
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Vanessa earned her MA in Creative Writing from SNHU. She has been writing in many genres, including memoir and poetry, since 1998.

About Love and Poetry

Love has been the subject of much poetry for several millennia. It's still a powerful muse for the wordsmith in all types of verse, from the very formal to the free-flowing prose poem to the songs that hearts dance to.

Love has many aspects. It can be the unconditional love as expressed in the Bible in 1 Corinthians 13. It can be unrequited. It can be joyful. It can be the tragic love in Romeo and Juliet. It can be false, enduring, mournful, humble. There are few words in any language that can encompass the entire idea of love as expressed in poetry.

Love can also vary with the characters involved. Love is an emotion shared between lover, friends, parents and children. The stage on which love plays out is too vast for human comprehension.

In this page I have posted several poems that I wrote to explore some of the facets of love and passion. Each one is a little different. I hope you enjoy them.

Sad Clown

Love can make a clown out of all of us.
Love can make a clown out of all of us.

Love is a Circus

Our love was an illusion,

A freak show full of clowns

With painted faces

Hiding lies.

I came to this conclusion

When I thought of you.

Your falsehood took me to places


Crowds of people laughing-

My heart on a high wire.

No net.

Through strains of a calliope

I tried to do the balancing act,

To be with you, but….

No one was there to catch me.

I am still falling.

Paper Girl: I love You

Rhyming Love Poems- Your Love Make All Things Possible

Eternal Love

My love will wait

Until our time has come-

A time when our two hearts

Will beat as one.

My longing heart

With peace and patience waits,

Timeless until

Our separateness abates.

My love will never die,

Not even if

You never choose to share with me this gift,

It lives in dreams and visions

In my mind,

A joy I’ll have throughout

The rest of time.

But better yet,

If your love you share,

you'll know how much

I alqays longed to share..

Steve F [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Steve F [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Touch Me

You touch me in my dreams,

In ways I didn't think

that I could feel; your image seems so real,

and then I quiver in my mind.

The mountains that I climb

are made of you. Thoughts of what I would do

without your resistance creep stealthily into my existence.

You touch me in my thoughts

Where we're together

but there’s no reality.

I'd like it better

If you were here.

That's not right, where are

You hiding out tonight?

We’re apart, and I

Still wait for you.

Annabel Lee, a Love Poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Mourning My Love

The only sounds ‘tween life and death

Are a heartbeat, and a breath.

These telltale sounds were not in Seth

Very late one summer’s day,

My head upon his chest I lay,

But he’d already slipped away.

I sought the drumbeat of his heart

To hear his gentle respiration

But only silence did impart

The shell that once held his creation.

I clung to him as he grew cold-

No sounds allowed that demon death.

There was no heartbeat, and no breath.

So here I’ll stay

'til I grow old,

And have no heartbeat, have no breath.

I want no life without my Seth.

ee Cummings- Love Poem

Memories of Passion Washed Away
Memories of Passion Washed Away | Source

One Night's Passion

White sand under orange sky,

Imprints made by you and I.

The blue waves were our lullaby

As the sun slowly said goodbye.

Silver moon our only light,

The love we made there blessed the night,

Bound together, hearts took flight.

In your arms the world seemed right.

By dawn, moon’s gone, and so are we,

Our night of love a memory,

Our imprints washed into the sea.

I smile, and then I let it be….


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