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How to cope with annoying prissy girls. -_-

Updated on April 29, 2016
They woke up like this!
They woke up like this!

The popular girl

They are like :'' Eww!! what's that!? '', " oh my gosh Amy you look hella bad" then after that they will star talking till you fell like your head is going to pop out ,they have the attitude of being a hypocrite and they like to wear make out wear short skirts, sometimes when they get under your skin you feel like judo fliping them

My advice: Do it! (they are annoying me too, trust me you have to do it)

this kinda girls has some kind of mental disorder called "Narcissistic Personality Disorder thinking they have unlimited power over the others so next time you see this kind of gal "call 911, take note not all of them are sinister and evil they have different attitude like:

The fashionista - They have the ability to notice flaw on your shirt even the smallest loose thread (harmless ).

The boy crazy- will keep talking to you about boys and will not stop until she has told you about every boys in the school (Harmless. just don't forget to wear ear plugs.)

Criticizer - Every move you make she will notice and will tell you how annoying you are: Don't look at me it's annoying, Don't laugh at me it's annoying, Stop breathing it's totally annoying,And sometimes you just have the punch their perfectly annoying teeth off (avoid at all cost)

and other kind of pop girls sometimes there is nothing we can do....... Much...

here's what to do:






Here's what not to do:

*kick them in the face.

*punch them

*snap their necks

*assassinate them

*voodoo doll them

But i actually prefer doing the "Not to do" list but MEH!!....................

Are you this kind of girl if yes comment, if no comment....... :)


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