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Top 9 People at Work That Will Drive You Crazy

Updated on April 27, 2016

Every workplace has its own set of crazy people that will drive you insane. In fact, come to think of it, all of us are crazy in some way or the other, each one of us just falls under one of the categories which seem a little less insane than the rest.

Here are the 8 types of characters you will see at work, and probably everywhere else. Don't worry, you will be belonging to one of these categories for sure!


1. The Flatterer

  • The flatterer will go on buttering the boss till he/she becomes the boss's pet or assistant.
  • He may also serve as the office spy to report on other people in an attempt to gain the boss's trust.
  • The boss may use him to offload some of his own work whenever possible, which the latter will do quite willingly to grow up the ladder faster.
  • Of course he will be disliked and distrusted by many.
  • Best example: "Dwight Schrute" in The Office TV Series

2. The Genius

  • He or she is usually the brain of the group, a no-nonsense person working alone most of the times.
  • Everyone will approach him for consultation, and even the boss will make sure not to displease him as he's the pillar of the group that cannot be allowed to crack.
  • However, the genius will be ignored by others when it comes to social interactions.
  • He might be the only one having his lunch alone, while the rest of the group enjoys a chatty meal. Of course, not all geniuses are recluse.
  • These are the only type of people who won't drive others crazy, but they definitely drive themselves crazy. So if you belong to this category, may God help you.


3. The Slogger

  • There will always be those who will toil every day with complete dedication to their work.
  • The boss will typically take advantage of such people and give them the most tedious tasks which the others manage to avoid.
  • He will not be smart enough to say no and will be suffering perpetually.
  • Some sloggers will also crib about their constant misery but will do nothing to fix it, even when they get free advise from their colleagues.


4. The Mischief Monger

  • There will always be that one gossip-guy or gossip-girl in the group who has nothing better to do than discuss everyone else, pry into other people's work as well as lives and in general waste time in office.
  • This person will spend maximum time at other people's desk or at the water cooler and will try to malign all those who do not give him importance.
  • You will either love talking to him or hate to face him.
  • This is the guy/gal to talk to if you want any confidential piece of news to spread like wild fire. He will provide information distribution services for free.


5. The Lazy Bugger

  • This person will come to work and complete all his/her personal work at office expense.
  • He will make phone calls, take printouts, use office supplies to the fullest or will be found chatting at the water-cooler.
  • He will usually be seen on social networking sites most of the times when he goes unsupervised.
  • The boss will try hard to get work done from him but he will always manage to wiggle out.
  • Work avoided or not completed by lazy-buggers will typically go to the sloggers who will usually hate him the most.


6. The Fault Finder

  • As the name shows, the fault finder will never be satisfied with anything and will criticize anything and everyone.
  • The fault finders are meeting nightmares.
  • They will enjoy snubbing others by publicly undermining their ideas or work, except those who flatter them.
  • One should never bother to please them or explain anything to them because it will make no difference.
  • However they will not attempt to suggest any solution because they won't know any.
  • It is worse if the boss belongs to this category. Typically, bosses of this category gel best with the flatterers.

Just Shut The **** Up !!!!


7. The Non-Stop Talker

  • This type of person will typically have verbal diarrhea.
  • He/she will have a lot to say on everything and will tell a huge story where a simple sentence should suffice.
  • He will mostly write huge emails with very less or no useful content, which you will end up never reading, or moving to a folder for spare-time reading.
  • If you are busy or in a hurry, you should avoid running into one at all costs. If you do however, agree to everything he says so that you can get off the conversation as quickly as possible.
  • If you are the silent type, you will dread getting into a debate with such people, but if you are a talker yourself, you may find them highly entertaining and engaging.

Smug, Cunning, Charming - I am like James Bond


8. The Smarty Pants

  • This one is the best of all, he/she will do just enough work to make an impression with the boss and anyone important.
  • His sole objective is to make a good impression on people around him. He uses his charm to smooth-talk people and gain their trust. But note that they will never trust anyone.
  • The smarty pants thrive on praise and flattery, false or otherwise.
  • He is sharp enough to escape tedious or over-complicated work which won't earn him enough appreciation.
  • Smarty pants will always be full of free advice, whether you want it or not. Of course, most of his advices may not be useful as he only cares about making an impression and nothing else.
  • He will try to keep both his boss as well as his co-workers happy.
  • Work avoided by such people will typically go the slogger.
  • Typically, he will be the high-functioning sociopath of the group, gliding around, charming and smooth-talking his way through life, putting chaos to good use for his own benefit.
  • The only people that are unaffected by the smarty pants is the genius.

I am The Boss, I Own You


9. The Tyrant

  • If you have a tyrant in your group, it will mostly be the boss or a supervisor, basically anyone with even a trace of power over you at work.
  • The tyrant will typically show a condescending attitude and will pretend that the higher management is at fault for all your misery, that they have nothing to do with it. Do not trust them, they will mostly be directly responsible for the woes.
  • Such people have limited understanding of how real stuff work, and will try to compensate for it by exercising domination over the weaklings.
  • Tyrants will usually hate the lazy buggers and love torturing the sloggers.
  • The flatterers will rush to please the tyrants so that they can escape the misery.
  • Smarty pants are the only people who can handle the tyrant.
  • Reasoning with the tyrant will be futile, unless you are the smarty pants.


When I look back upon my work-life, I had started off as "the slogger" and worked with "several smarty pants" until I finally started learning their tricks from them.

I keep my distance from the flatterer and the mischief-monger. When they are not avoidable, I just pretend to be nice to them so that they won't bother me.

Currently, I continue my journey as a "progressive smarty pants / sociopath". Better to inflict than to suffer, what do you say :)

Which workplace character are you?

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    • lyoness913 profile image

      Wendi Pembridge Skilling 2 years ago from Overland Park, KS

      Cute article- I definitely fall into a bunch of these! I do so hate the Mischief Monger in my office!! LOL, makes me cringe thinking about it.


    • temptor94 profile image

      Ritu Temptor 2 years ago from India

      Thank you Wendi, glad that you liked it :) Thanks for visiting.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great list. What most of these people have in common: they have an awfully high opinion of themselves.

    • temptor94 profile image

      Ritu Temptor 2 years ago from India

      Thank you :) So very true.. they have an inflated sense of self-worth.

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