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Types of essays

Updated on June 18, 2016

Expository essays

As the name suggests, this is an essay that seeks to explain something which could be an idea, an issue or a point of interest. Since you will be having a keen audience to explain to, then the thesis ought to be well explained and the evidence for your assertions well expounded. The essay background must be something you are familiar with, so do not wander off the subject.

Being concise is an understatement because it behoves of you to do that. It starts from the essay beginnings or the way to the essay b examples and make a good conclusion. Remember this is more of a personal opinion to major world topics and assuming you are in essay contests, and then be careful not to lose one on key points.

Persuasive essays

Have you ever found yourself trying to win an audience to your point of view? Most likely, you were writing these persuasive essays and as such, you will need to do a number of things.First, you must be able to define the topic and bring it out from your point of view. Keep you reader interested in what you are saying and have reasoning and evidence with you. Let’s assume you have essay b Indonesia or essay b apply Texas examples. You must bring your point of view for the audience to be swayed.

Analytical essays

These are the types of essays whereby you examine and interpret something. It could be a book, a poem or an article. In the instances, you will find that what is important is to have a good introduction and be able to present your argument in a clear, concise way.

The text should be analyzed well from the essay beginnings to the end of it and then give a personal response to the issues raised by the reader. Your response or reason will basically show your level of understanding of the topic and why your audience should see things from your perspective.

The conclusion part must be there where you will give summary notes on the analysis that you have given.

Argumentative essays

These are the essays where you bring about an argument, theorise of hypothesise about something. It is the closes that you get to the persuasive type of essays but there is a small difference here. For one, you are called upon to differ with another person by bringing your opinion which happens to be different from there’s.

It is not difficult to write the argumentative essays as we are made to believe. If you are able to define and focus on the topic, give a clear problem statement and have enough evidence to support your assertions, then you will be good to go.


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