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UFOs and Aliens The complete Guidebook by Lochlainn Seabrook Review

Updated on March 30, 2011

UFOs and Aliens The complete Guidebook by Lochlainn Seabrook

The Good

·         Good Introduction to subject

·         Offers a vast but brief look at subject

·         Has a Glossary

·         Sites over 60 cases but not thoroughly

·         Provides numerous quotes from Government on UFOs being Real

·         Contains list of other books organized by subject

The Bad

·         A lot of disinformation

·         Author paints negative view of humanity which is in error

·         Description of races short and wrong

·         Bad Technology debunking as humans do have more advanced technology from UFOs than author gives credit for

·         Weak and lacking info on Crop Circles

·         Some claims made by author are incorrect

·         States String Theory as fact when it is in controversy right now

·         Brags about being complete near end when several theories have been omitted


The Good

Vast info on the subject

The book was good in the aspect that it presents a great overview of the subject with enough info to convince others to change their opinion on aliens. This makes the book a good reference book for the beginner in the subject.

At the end of the book is a list of other books by subject along with a glossary and a very long index. If the book was longer the index would be more useful. In the end it is a good introductory to the subject for the enthusiast.

Enough info to debunk debunkers

One of the positive things about this book is the amount of cases and quotes it gives the enthusiast the capacity to put show that the Governments do in fact know about Aliens and UFOs and what they think about them. How they know that they are real and are actively covering them up.

The Bad

A lot of Disinformation

I don’t know where the guy got all of his information but some of it is very lacking. This becomes evident when he talks about religion of the Mother Goddess with such error it is baffling  as to where he got his facts.

Other things he says are also in error but don’t quite fall underneath disinformation because Disinformation implies a direct intent to confuse or trick the reading/person on the receiving end where as I believe the writer just didn’t do enough research.

Bad Info and Lacking info

One thing I found about the book was the amount of bad information it gives. Such as on the alien races breakdown which he sites different races which are in fact stages in the Hybrid life. 4. Roswellion are in fact Grays or Hybrids and 6. Neonates are most likely Young Hybrids. This is likely given the level of genetic technology aliens seem to possess.

Other information such as the Grays starting humanity has a huge issue when the Sumerian legends come into play. A huge concept that the author leaves out which state that the Anunnaki created humanity.

The author also makes the outrages claim that at any given time there are 60 wars being waged on Earth. This claim is just outrages but goes to the authors negative view of humanity which will be covered later.

Other bad information in the book pertains to religion. I’m not 100 percent on this but books I have read on the subject paint a complete different picture of the Mother Goddess and the author goes on to supper impose his error as a alien religion where they follow a female deity while other info suggests that they in fact follow Kings and Queens and other nobility along with a council.

Negative View of Humanity

The Author has an extremely negative view of humanity calling us extremely war like and vicious. This is actually contrary to our nature as I explained in my article “Humanity Not of War” and ignores vast amount of information which suggests that humanity is more of a heard species that is manipulated by elite throughout the centuries to bring about more war. This also continues to this day.

The author also goes out of his way to paint aliens in a good picture saying How do they get DNA from humans? Not willingly, we can be sure of that! What Human would voluntarily endure a painful operation in order to give a sample of her or his DNA to a creature that looks like a   giant insect?” That statement is the epitome of sympathizing and was used to justify the cruel treatment of human abductees.

The author ether by not being aware or simply by disclusion did not detail certain events such as aliens dropping bioweapons on earth and nuking cities. The latter also supported by the authors claim of aliens in the bible. Instead of detailing aliens with both good traits and bad faults he chooses to paint them as the saviors of the destructive species humanity.

Final Thoughts

The book is an easy read and even though it contains some rather bad information it also contains enough to make it worth it. I would like to see this book expanded and the cases gone into in greater detail but that didn’t happen. Over all it’s an okay reference book but falls short of its projected expectations and stated goals.

Worth a read though if you are an enthusiast but probably won’t blow your mind if you have a die hard UFOlogist.


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