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Ufk MoonRat (Museum Of Odd Nostalgic Randomly Aesthetic Things)

Updated on February 15, 2014

Ufk MoonRat

Museum Of Odd Nostagic Randomly Aesthetic Things

This is just a collection of old things from the past...which will disappear soon...cos I am clearing my house out. I have about a hundred boxes of OLD STUFF.....and they are all gonna have to I'm sharing some of the OLD STUFF on here...before I die.

Don't get me wrong...I'm not putting everything on here...don't wanna bore ya...but I'm putting the little oddities on...cos I want my grand-kids to see what the past was like.

I hope you're slightly interested...amused...bewildered...whatever.


Museum Of Odd Nostalgic Randomly Aesthetic Things




Here's a card game....from the 80's. Apparently BIG LEAGUE was big in the USA in the 80's....and this was our UK attempt at glorifying the top 5 football teams of the day.

Manchester City, Nottingham Forest, Tottenham Hotspur, Everton and Swansea


I have never met anyone else in the UK who has had...or heard of...this little card game...but me being cutting-edge...I bought the game...and here it all it's non-glory....laid out for you before I consign it to the Unlucky Fried Kitten Dustbin.

It never caught on in the UK

I wonder why not

The Clubs

The Rules

The Players


Ray Clemence: former Liverpool shot-stopper and Spurs legend...though not as legendary as Pat Jennings....Ray is currently the goal-keeping coach for England. my little meagre the 4th best ever England 'keeper...behind Banksy, Shiltsy and Seaman-y

Here's the full top 10...from my own thinking...if that's okay :)

1. Gordon Banks

2. Peter Shilton

3. David seaman

4. Ray Clemence

5. Chris Woods

6. David James

7. Ron Springett

8. Paul Robinson

9. Joe Hart

10. Nigel Martyn

If I have missed any....have a go at me

Chris Hughton:

Currently the manager of Norwich's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it.

Played for Spurs, West Ham and Brentford

Managed Spurs, Newcastle, Birmingham City and Norwich City

I have his autograph

On a dvd

of the Spurs V Forest game where Gazza acted like a twat

Paul Miller: Born on 11th October 1959....two years and a day before me...but he didn't know it. Neither did I...really.

Born in Stepney......Paul that is...not me. I was born in Manchester...but that doesn't really matter.

Not a great deal to note about him...though I do recall him scoring an away goal against Anderlecht...and being part of the FA Cup winning side of 1981.

Not exactly playing at The Nag's Head it Paul (q.mark)

Paul Price:Also played for Swansea...funnily enough. Won the FA Cup with Spurs in '82

I don't have his autograph

He doesn't have mine

Then again....he has a cup-winners medal...unless he sold it on e-bay...I'll check it out and get back to you

Ricardo Villa: Scored a good goal...or some cup final...looks like Che Guevara

He's 60 now

Steve Perryman: Spurs legend...probably

Played 854 first team appearances for Spurs

Still alive

I think

Ozzie Ardiles: played in that team in Escape To Victory....not bad.

collaborated with rock legends Chas n Dave for their 'Ossie's dream' song

something about his knees going all trembly...they don't make songs like that these days

good job

likes corned beef

Graham Roberts: won 2 FA cups and the UEFA Cup with the LilyWhites

Capped 6 times for England

Boring name...but consistent defender

Steve Archibald: One of footballs few characters who had two first names...could have been called Archibald Steve...though he wasn't

Others with the same phenom were Gary Charles....John Collins (sort of) and David James (sort of)

Craig David would count...if he was a footballer....but he's not

He's not really even a good singer

Oh...and Michael Owen

Glenn Hoddle: One of the best passers of the ball...could land a 300 yard-pass on a postage stamp.

People see him as a failed England manager....but he did win Le Tournoi....which is the only other thing that England have won...since that 1966 stroke of fortune

Not a great friend of

Glenda's famous quotes include:

'I never heard a minutes silence like that'

'Look at Jesus...he was a normal run of the mill guy who had a genuine gift'

When a player gets to does his body'

'They were still in the dressing room when they came out for the second-half'

'Gazza....don't smash that lamp'

'It's all about pigs and troughs'

Guilty of the most horrific crime against music with Chris Waddle

We were all paying for crimes in a previous life when we were inflicted with that

Garth Crooks: prolific goalscorer...won the FA Cup...with the team, I mean.

Not on his own

That would be silly

Only Roy Keane could win the cup on his own

and that would have to be with Eric Cantona

so it wouldn't be on his own

I'm drunk

Mark Falco:

I met him...told him he had lost a yard of pace.

He hated that

Had a huge hit with 'Rock Me Amadeus'

I think

Manchester City

Joe Corrigan

Big Joe.....played 592 for City.....which is a club record for a goal-keeper at said club.

Only capped 9 times for England....another victim of the Shilts and Clemence dynasty

Ray Ranson

Usually played at right-back...capped several times for England Under 21's

After his playing career ended in 1995, he went on to amass a multimillion pound fortune from the sale of various sports-related businesses

Lucky Sod

Bobby McDonald

McDonald was a defender of great control and positional sense who also had a happy knack of scoring goals.

I'm loving it!!!!!!

Nick Reid

Nicky played left back and centre back during his career at City.

No relation to one-time City manager...Peter Reid

Well....I don't think so...anyway.

I'll give the club a ring

They're putting me through

Kevin Bond

Now his dad WAS a manager. John Bond was boss at Bournemouth when his son started his playing career....and they stayed together when the old man moved to Norwich City....and then onto Manchester City.

There's no proof in the rumour that he lives in his dad's kitchen

Tommy Caton

Centre half...Tommy...sadly died of a heart-attack in 1993


Dennis Tueart

Part of Sunderland's winning team when they beat Leeds United 1-0 in the 1973 FA Cup Final

Dennis Tueart’s winning goal against Newcastle United for Manchester City in the 1976 League Cup Final was voted the greatest moment in the competition’s history.

Kevin Reeves

Forced to retire from the professional game at the age of 26 because of a hip injury

No relation to Jim Reeves

Though he has played his albums

Trevor Francis

Famous for being the first million quid player....when he was signed by Nottingham Forest....from Birmingham City

I guess it was worth it....they won the European Cup with him

The rest of the team played too

There is a myth that the fee was £999,999 - £1 short of the million mark as Brian Clough wanted to ensure this milestone mark did not go to the player's head, although Trevor Francis says it was a tongue in cheek remark by Brian Clough

I wouldn't know

I wasn't there

Asa Hartford

Typical Scottish Midfielder

Played midfield....and was Scottish

Became famous for failing a medical examination due to the discovery of a heart condition which put paid to a high profile transfer to Leeds 1981

Still going strong at 62

(not I mean)

Paul Power

Sounds like a super-hero

His name, I mean

Not his voice

Never heard him speak....tbh

He played in 447 games for the team scoring 36 goals before transferring to Everton where he was a key figure in the Championship win in the 1986-87 season. He scored for the Toffees against City at Maine Road on Saturday 29 November 1986 but refused to celebrate because he loved City so much.

Aage Hareide

Aage was an active player for the Norwegian national team from 1976 through 1986, scoring five goals in 50 matches

At least he didn't get nil points


Nottingham Forest





I would love to hear your thoughts on this if you have any opinions to offer...or experiences or examples to share...please put them in the 'comments ' section below.

Perhaps you have your own story to tell ?

What do you think ?

How do you feel ?

What is your opinion ?

Are you working on something similar ?

I will respond to all comments and I look forward to hearing from you

Thank You




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