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3 Super Rare and Expensive Comic Books! These Are the Most Valuable Comic Books in the World

Updated on October 15, 2017
More Fun Comics #52
More Fun Comics #52

More Fun Comics #52

Valued around $315,000. More Fun Comics #52 is definitely one of the more expensive collector's comics out there. This, of course, is depending on the condition. One with a lower CGC (Certified Guaranty Company) rating or if any restoration has been done on it will significantly decrease the comics' value.This issue features the debut of Spectre(who is a personal favorite of mine). A different kind of hero, Spectre never felt bad about taking bloody vengeance on criminals. In this issue he even turns a baddie into a skeleton with a simple touch! Sadly, in the 1940's Spectre was reduced to the simple guardian of a man called "Percival Popp, The Super Cop". He didn't regain his undead hero role until the mid 1950's. In the modern age Spectre was fully revamped and back to his old (maybe even scarier) self.

Action Comics #1
Action Comics #1
Detective Comics #27
Detective Comics #27

Action Comic #1

That's right people! It's the Man Of Steel! Everyone knows him and everyone loves him. The only question is do you love him enough to pay $450,000 for his first appearance? This is the very first Action Comics published. These comics were actually Anthologies (despite it being dedicated strictly to Superman today). It's said that there is anywhere between 50 and 100 original copies in existence. With many of them being below collecting standards. One of these bad-boys sold for $2,000,000! It is speculated that the one sold was the same one stolen from actor Nicolas Cage. Cage had his copy stolen in 2000 but it was recovered in 2011. When the $2,000,000 dollar piece of comic legend was sold at auction it was marked: Stolen 2000, Recovered 2011. I guess Mr. Cage decided it was finally time to let it go.

Detective Comics #21

BATMAN! Recently made increasingly popular by Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. Batman is a house-hold name. A copy of this first appearance will put you back $1,500,000. By issue #33 Batman's origin is revealed. He's a super-hero with no actual super-powers. Instead, Batman uses his intelligence,peak physical strength and barrage of awesome gadgets. With billions of dollars to back his weapon-designs Batman is a force to be reckoned with. With issue #35 Batman became the cover feature of Detective Comics. And with issue #38 his side-kick, Robin, was introduced. The first of many characters to join the "Batman Family"

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