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Unable To Publish Your Ideas And Ways To Overcome It

Updated on December 26, 2013

You want to present your ideas in a straightforward way

One of the reason why you are unable to publish your ideas is that you want to ideas into straightforward Objective statements; that will not betray your feelings. Something that would rather evoke the feelings of others without revealing your own feelings. Rather painting you as a fair and objective person or author.

Your Ideas Should make sense to you first-Overcoming the anxiety of publishing

You will be able to publish your ideas confidently if they make sense to you. Sometimes reading through brings more ideas and examples for you to attach to your already written ones so that they make sense to you. So that you can describe your ideas more directly for the reader to understand perfectly as well. If it does not make sense to you, you feel that it is not going to make sense to reader as well.

You keep shifting skills.

Writing in itself is a broad. It involves not only different aspects in the writing process but also different forms or formats in writing different topics. Writing on health topics requires a completely different method than writing on history topics. They also require different keywords and technical words as well as different pattern of arrangement or presenting your facts. You are mostly unsure of yourself and your content when you do not write on one particular topic. When you write on different topics, you actually improve slowly in each area of topic. You are also confused mostly because you psychology have to keep shifting or switching in between the topics your skills. You may always find your contents not well developed. At certain moments, too you may not have the inspiration to develop and publish a particular content. Different topics require different skills of writing and when you writing on different topics or have knowledge about many topics you are unsure of your contents let alone publish.

Try to be consistent in your topics. When you are consistent on your topics, you will improve very fast in your writing as well as gain many ideas related to your topics. You will have the confident to publish your contents as you improve in your area in terms of writing skills and in terms of knowledge on the topic. When you are consistent, you can always write current contents that connect to previous contents. This gives you the confidence to title your ideas and to publish. Writing in connection to previous contents is like or even reminds you of your audience. You feel that you are writing to the same audience so this makes you more confident and fluent in your discussion. You see your ideas as only supplementary to what you have previously written and published to your reading audience. You will then gain the confidence to write more and publish your ideas.

Explore your ideas extensively and thoroughly

Write a lot. and group related ideas (either by keywords or subject) so that if after reading the first content they do not get or understand the idea, the next paragraph talking about the same topic or subject will help them to understand. In fact, that is the reason why you have other paragraphs in the content. It is taking advantage of different patterns that may suit the thought pattern of the reader. Try to expand your ideas thoroughly and limitless. After that you can pick out the related, straight-to-the-point advance statements out of the rest and group-arrange them for publishing.

Give reference to other known and credible sources.

Quote examples from other content into your own. This will give you the confidence to publish. It will make your content also sound professional and give you the confidence in your own ideas.

Have an Appropriate title for your article

Your ideas, you may see them as inadequate only because the title is inappropriate. If you have a suitable title you will be able have confidence in your ideas it is and would not feel the need to change much. The more the ideas justify the title, the more confident you will be in your content.

Whatever ideas you have try to deduce a suitable title for it and publish. When you publish your content, the title makes the potential reader decide to read or not. The title is therefore very important. It is better to have a straightforward title. Instead of having a title and talking about something else. You can also view your content as bunch of titles that have been arranged in sequence. The title may not even conform to the whole content but just one particular catchy statement in the content that you have used supplementary sentence to confirm that statement that is making the title. Every idea is plausible; it just has to be to have a corresponding title. And should be arranged in the appropriate sequence.

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