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Unable to publish-Not thoroughly filtered or checked content

Updated on December 26, 2013

You want to enjoy the writing process or the aspect you do well before you feel confident about your work piece. By having enough time for your content, it is able to go through all the psychological process of your mind to open up all your mind’s doors that gives you the confidence to publish them. It has been able to go through your minds natural screening or filtering process to finally be sure and have confidence in publishing your ideas.

Advantages of Publishing

Conflicting Ideas

Publishing some idea also enables you to group other ideas. You can really connect certain ideas when other ideas are absent. Publishing will allow you to get rid of related ideas that may have a stronger magnetic field or core that could cause a conflict in grouping your ideas. You would experience difficulties in grouping your ideas because a particular, after thoroughly exploring your topic, you find can attach to two or more other ideas in the same content that you eventually become confused on where to put that idea. Two different ideas or potentially contradictory ideas are capable of accommodating the same idea. Since it is impossible to bring these two ideas together not even with this common idea and you cannot repeat your ideas to make your content boring and lacking words. You would need to publish some of the ideas to avoid these idea conflicts to avoid confusing yourself.

Some ideas must go for others to shine

The shadow of some ideas will always suppress some ideas. You would have to let some major ideas go out from the lot in order for others to shine or explained well. You should let some contents go so that some ideas can be free to expand and expressed well.

Publishing to be able to title subsequent contents.

Until some ideas are published or separated from the lot so that, you can title some ideas or be given unique subtitles. Publishing therefore gives you a point of view to title subsequent ideas.

Develop And Publish in Sequence

Develop and publish your ideas in terms of importance and sequence. You cannot discuss about subtitling very well or even have the confidence to publish an article about subtitling when you have not explored on a previous article in article writing. Your lack of adequate knowledge of article writing would cause a distraction. You would either experience a writer’s block or not have enough words to discuss your thoughts on subtitles hence depriving yourself the confidence to publish your ideas.

Title and Publish to gain a perspective to shape your subsequent thoughts.

New and advance idea discussions as well as their titling are influenced by previous discussions. Some ideas must even be titled and published in order for you to gain the perspective to deduce an appropriate title to subsequent articles.

Connect with people just like yourself by publishing

Writing is a learning process but also a way that the writer is able to escape .Anything that helps you to escape is intended to help the reader escape to realms of enlightenment. So have confidence in your thoughts and believe that there is someone out there who feels like how you feel and thinks like how you think. You are actually publishing so you can connect with that person.

Focus on the Aspect of the writing Process and Engage others if writing commercial quantities

Because you spend all your time to enjoy the aspect that you do well, - writing. Writing is a broad process it involves many stages of editing and expansion. You should just do what you do best and allow people to do the rest for you as your employees. Know that as you go through all these processes, the articles will form to make sense.

Write and Publish Sequentially

You should also Write and publish sequentially. Publishing one title or content brings the confidence to publish another which elaborates a previously published idea further. Sometimes you experience a writer’s block hence lacking the confidence to publish just because you feel the idea is incomplete. Your ideas may seem incomplete and not ready to be published because you do not know certain aspects of the current article well. You want to elaborate on that well not only to explain to your readers but also to understand very well. And confidently talk about it in your current content. Knowing certain topics or ideas should help you discuss your current articles or projects confidently. You can confidently refer ideas and examples from ideas that you have elaborated on.

The more you publish your ideas, the more you improve in writing.

Any article that you publish is an improvement in your writing skills. You would be able to link or connect current ideas or contents to subsequent contents. It will help you to understand subsequent contents. And based on published works or already written ideas, new ideas will be built. This is to say that published works or already written drafts form the foundations of new ones. The more you write and publish your ideas, the more you improve. The more your writing foundations become strong. The more you are able to deduce technical words.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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