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Unapologetic About what I want

Updated on February 10, 2013

I woke up this morning me

Not the new me, but the true me

The me that says what I think

And apologizes for nothing other than a brief lapse in respectful dialogue

that occurs maybe once a month

The me that knows who I am

And knows what I need

Kinda like the CEO that won't work until the figures match his skills

I have always known my capabilities, but hidden behind the dim witted simple dimply smile

so that people wont know the truth behind the pretty eyes

Or that I may have shaken my butt a little too much to distract them from knowing that I am truly


The amazing woman that can make a mere man into an icon

Born to support

Born to thrive

Born to Succeed

Born to be more than Ive been

So now that I have declared my worth I can not take less

Here's where it gets sticky for what you think is more to me is nothing more that a shell of what

I used to be

No chocolate covered creases and ridges topped with a cherry smile

Or a butter pecan tanned sleek cinnabon with cool fraternity style

No fast and furious rides in some over masculine driving thing

No European penis extending million dollar machines

Just a simply man with a plan for life, who thinks that Im a queen

I don't want to enter the struggle with you

and god knows I don't ride or die

No I don't chase or ask for your hand

I expect you to ask for mine

So back to the old ways

For gentlemen need only apply


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