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Uncanny X-Men 1 Review

Updated on November 13, 2011

Uncanny X-Men has their first #1 since….well, their first issue. This series has never been renumbered before, so you know this is serious. Whereas Wolverine and the X-Men centers around the school in Westchester (at least so far), this book is Cyclops’s team, andUtopiaIsland, inSan Francisco. Cyclops brings together a team he calls “The Extinction Team”, and it is by far the weirdest configuration for an X-Team I have ever seen. (Note, as was said last week, I haven’t been keeping up with the X-Universe, so all of this might make perfect sense)

The team is: Cyclops, Emma Frost, Hope Summers, Storm, and Namor, which are all fine, since they have been on the team in the past.

Magneto is on it now, who has been on the team as well, but has had more chances than a Monopoly board (and no, I’m not proud of that joke, so keep it to yourself).

Danger is there as well. The last time I saw her, she was trying to kill everyone in Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men run (one of the best runs of comics I have ever read, check it out below). “She” is like a robot, that Xavier used to create the Danger Room. Or maybe “she” is the sentient manifestation of the Danger Room. I don’t know…

Illyana and Piotr Rasputin are there, as well, otherwise known as Magik and Colossus. They’ve been around too, but she is the “Ex-Queen of the Demonic Realm”, and he can “Tap Demonic “Juggernaut” Energies”. Cute couple, right? Well, they’re also brother and sister. Well, this is awkward.

Most of this issue is showing Scott talking everyone into bringing this group together, and showing what the rest of Utopia is doing day-to-day. Apparently, they have a “school” as well, but not as “structured” and “organized” and “exploded”. The team actually doesn’t even get called in for the first week they are together. That must be some kind of record, right? They have an entire week off? I mean, they get to play baseball like every 25 issues, it seems like, but never any real vacation. Then….

Mr. Sinister is back. Or he was back before this, and no one knew, yet. He goes to the Celestial standing in ***** in San Francisco(in The Eternals. Check below, also), and does something… The Extinction Team is called in, they arrive just in time to see the head of the Celestial transform into Mr. Sinister’s face, and detach from the body. Whoa…. The Celestial starts freaking out, since, you know, it doesn’t have a head. The team tries to get it under control, and when it starts to disassemble into billions of separate Nano-Robots, Magneto keeps them all held together with his power. Magneto, keeps the equivalent of a God, in check. Yeah.

Everyone gets knocked around; Colossus turns into Juggernaut-Demon (JuggerDemon… DevilNaut?), and then does NOTHING. He uses the power (which apparently costs his SOUL), gets back to the fight, and the fights over, for the time being. Totally worth it Piotr! The disembodied Mr. Sinister / Celestial head flies towards a building, and attaches itself to it, as the centerpiece for what appears to be Mr. Sinister-Land. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

This issue was fine, in most respects. It was the “team-gathering” issue that everyone loves, but it just missed something. Maybe it’s because they didn’t hold a press conference, live The Avengers have in the past. Whatever the case may be, this didn’t really hit for me, story-wise. Everyone says how well Keiron Gillen knows the voices for these characters, and I agree with that, but as far as a jumping-on point goes, it was all over the place.

The art, however, is wonderful. Carlos Pacheco isn’t normally the type of artist I like, but this issue was really good, I though. Nothing too mind-blowing, but it was really good. It did remind me slightly of Greg Land, but in a good way. Maybe that’s why I liked it so much, because it is not Greg Land… Is Greg Land the new Rob Liefeld? Is he this generation’s guy that everyone hates, but still manages to sell books? WHO IS GREG LAND’S AUDIENCE?! Someone who enjoys seeing screenshots of pornography traced as their favorite super-heroes? Have they never been on the internet, because I can give you some sites where you can find that kind of thing…… Whoops, sorry. Anyway, Pacheco’s art was great. That is all.

So now the question is, which is the better X Book? Wolverine and the X-Men, or Uncanny X-Men? Well, for me, I have always liked Wolverine way better than I do Cyclops. I think while Cyclops is a better strategist (or strategerizer, if you prefer) than Wolverine, I think Wolverine is a much better leader, and motivator. Plus, seeingLogantrying to be the Headmaster will be hilarious. After they rebuild the school, that is.

While I will probably read both of these books next month, I think my favorite of the two is Wolverine And The X-Men.


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