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Uncle's Passing

Updated on September 3, 2012
"Infinity."-M | Source

Uncle's Passing

Adherent to the light—

The coffin of the Earth he twists within—

The old man scoffs at its hermetic seal

Receding like a hairline

When the box hits its breast—

The Mother that milked Adam from dust

And showed him life from death

And the paradise between

That is a heathen’s responsibility—

Apple to apple

Lust to lust;

He curls his toes to wait for the jump

We all beg for, and is not forgotten;

For the world slings energy at the sun

With impunity

And has no recollection of wit-full end—

Just flowers to their cusp

And water

Eating its effort to pump its well;

There Mercury blacks a tiny thing

Angling omnipresent

As Nothing has a spare—

Cells relegating none to its field

Across bleeding acres—

Plow and stars!

Plow and stars!

Jetting life’s ward

With hauled-in sheets—

A mind’s ignition

To and from an inexplicable art;

One knows the direction of his heart;

Up and down

Circling to the next

Wooden nest he’ll fall from…

And be free as the rest.

-Michael Ferguson Head (11/06/11)


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