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Updated on August 2, 2017
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I do not own the rights to this image
I do not own the rights to this image
I do not own the rights to this image

(a poem that may be named later as it is inspired by my unconceived child)

She hated snow, The way the flakes piled one on top of the next causing sadness and sudden death she hated the snow. She told herself she’d get away from Colorado soon and move somewhere warm. Some place where snow was a myth or fairy tale they’d tell the children about… but then he begged her to stay. One night in their warm apartment the snow painted stories outside, those her children may someday hear. The nights Mommy and Daddy had snowball fights and made snow angels, and when mommy wrote your name all over the lawn. Daddy always knew mommy hated the snow but oh how that snow hugged her that night. Making her warm again, Making her cherish the love growing inside of her she knew in this snow filled town she was home.

© 2017 uchion brunson


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