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Unconditional Love: A True Love Story

Updated on December 24, 2020
Missy Smith profile image

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  

Blessed to Have This Feeling: Once in a Lifetime

I think all of us dream of a love like the ones you see in fairytales and movies. In reality, if you find this kind of love, you are one of the luckiest people out there. You should hold on to it no matter what it takes. It will take understanding. It will take both of you to have different perspectives than just falling in love, getting married, and living happily ever after. I don’t think that kind of love is a fairytale romance anyway. I’m not saying that people who fall in love and get married and end up staying married for forty plus years are not a fairytale, but that type requires a lot of work and a lot of patience. Actually, I believe you go through too many nightmares to make it to that fairytale. They get their fairytale in their older years with married couples, and they have worked hard and deserve it, believe me; my parents are one of those couples. However, we do not see many people fighting for those types of fairytales much anymore; it’s just too darn easy to file for a divorce.

No, I’m talking about those fairytales like Rose and Jack had in the Titanic, Bella, Edward in Twilight, or Noah and Allie in The Notebook. These couples were destined. Did these types of love stories really exist? After all, Edward was the 117-year-old vampire, and Jack, well, he perished in the sinking of that big ship, and although after years apart, Noah and Allie made it back to each other, she forgot who he was in the end. However, they did die in each other’s arms on the same night. All these stories are unfathomable nevertheless;, I believe a few of them could happen in the real world. I believe a story of destiny could happen. I believe I am one of those stories.

My destiny is unique. At first, I did want it to come together like a normal, real romance. You know, fall in love, get married, and in my case, adopt children since I’m later in years to have any more of my own at this point. However, that was unreasonable when I fell in love with was not a very typical person for me to fall for. To name a few of the issues we would have without going into great detail; He is younger than me by more than just a few years; relax, he is an adult, but he’s young enough to find a youthful woman who can bear his children. Then there is the long-distance thing; Yep, I have fallen victim to this type of romance; all in all, not a perfect scenario at all.

Even so, there was something unmistakable when we talked and when we looked at each other over skype conversations, not to mention the extreme attraction that has never gone away. I know it may sound funny, but it was fate. I felt it; I'm pretty sure he felt it and still does. So when you fall in love in this way and realize the obstacles will most likely keep you from doing the normal thing when you fall in love, yet you are still in love, and it will not leave, well then, you either find a way to live with how it is and be happy or end it and be miserable for the rest of your life.

This September marks a year we have loved each other, and I believe we have finally made it to the point of being comfortable with all the things that have presented themselves as being problems for us. I believe that I have gotten just what I always wanted; A Fairytale. Though not typical, when you think about it, no movie or book fairytale is typical, and isn’t that the fairytale we all want? One which is such an epic that you starve for it, that you can’t live without it? Anyway, I’m comfortable with this unconventional type of love now, and in that weird way, I love all the things that this love has put me through. I know one day he will find someone new who he can make a life with, but is it strange that I will be happy for him? I don’t think so, because like my poem states, we will always stay somewhere within each other's hearts. This love is a fairytale. This love is called unconditional.


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Unconditional Love

Complicated but simple

if that makes sense…

It’s a love that transcends

through ignorance.

And that’s not all this

love can do; it can love

without worry of being


See…it is not a matter

of if we stay together,

this love understands

that it just doesn’t


Even if we end up with

other people, this love

that he and I have will

stay in both of our hearts

beyond forever.

Yes…this kind of love is

hard to explain, because

it can never stay mad or

stake a claim.

It allows us to be there

for one another if needed.

And fills our lives

with understanding

and freedom.


Part 2: There Will Always Be More Chapters to an Undying Love

However, it is a little sad

that we cannot make

a commitment, but

then again, I don’t

think that type of

love would fit us.

It is special beyond

words and worlds.

It’s like a rare pearl

lost on the seashore.

Buried far beneath

the pure white sand,

never to be touched

by deceptive hands.

This love is blessed by

God himself, if no one

else sees this, I will


In our dreams is where

we meet. Our dreams

connect us through

time and space.

There will come a

day that we will meet.

That’s where we will

finally live as one

for eternity.


I mean, what other song could I pick... Epic!

© 2015 Missy Smith


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