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Unconventional And Working

Updated on November 20, 2016


I try to find a way to fix my problems

Each day happens to be a whole new set of circumstances

So I use my latest and best knowledge

To guide me to success

Here is one example of many things that have a completely different outcome than I planned

My most recent problem that needed my immediate sttention

I have an Android phone that when I go to charge it the plug pops out

So when it should be almost charged is really going the opposite direction

It goes from forty percent to thirty percent

So I analyzed the problem

After charging so many times

My original charger that came with the phone

Os starting to break down

The extra home charger that I bought was a cheap one

After fifty charges it doesn't work either

So it initially worked but didn't last long

I only paid five dollars for it

So I go to a phone store and buy another one for twelve dollars

It should be fifteen

This store is new and just opened two weeks ago

Everything was twenty percent off

So I paid twelve dollars

I am happy as long as it works

After explaining the situation to him

He explained there is a small piece of plastic missing

That must of broke off

On the side of the cell phone can you see ?

It's so small I didn't even notice

I definitely didn't see it

He can fix it and it would cost about fifty dollars

Clearly not worth it

Your better off using the money to buy a new phone

I originally asked friends of mine

They thought dirt or something got in the end

Making the connection impossible to stay in

They tried blowing into it

Jamming the adapter piece in

I watched and shuttered

If they break it I have nothing

That's what happens when you ask for help

You get it

Not the answers you might have hoped or wished for

Meanwhile I have tried my own home remedy

I got out a roll of the almighty duck tape

Plugged my phone into the charger

Put a piece of duct tape around the end of the charger

Pulled the phone and the charger in tight

Duct tape it to the screen

Nobody move

My phone is charging

It works

Now my wife improved on my method

She leans my cell phone on it's end

Pointing down

The charge stays in

My way works fifty percent of the time

So here you have it

A way to save money

A great team effort

A little ingenuity at it's best

I keep asking around if any one else has had this problem

My wife sent a letter to phone technical support

They said I could buy a new or refurbished phone

Through them or on eBay

The cheapest one I seen is about one hundred and fifty dollars

With Christmas around the corner and money tight

That is not an option at this time

I am planning to use a piece of Velcro

Put my phone in a slieve and pull it tight

This way I don't have to tape the screen

Which in time might cause another problem

In an age where we easily become dependent on the modern convinces of our times

It is very hard to turn back time

Go back to a simpler time

Do without the phone or go back to one my older phones

That I saved for a day like this

Just in case my phone broke or stopped working

Easier said then done


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 11 months ago

      Billybuc I keep saying it can't be that hard all the younger generation can do it. This is going to take me awhile.(lol) Thank you for all your comments over the years. Gobble, gobble this turkey is running for his life. Wishing you and your whole family a beautiful and lovely Thanksgiving.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 11 months ago from Olympia, WA

      I was laughing as I read this. I can handle huge problems very well, but a problem like an Android not working will make me curl up in a ball and suck my thumb. Truth!

      Happy Thanksgiving my friend!