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Updated on February 23, 2014

I wish we could have come through this uncut


We walked the road paved by someone else

But we couldnt choose the way

We walked together not knowing what lie ahead

When we saw it we tried to flee

What we saw could only be something horrible

We saw maybe the end of earth

Maybe death

Or maybe dread

What ever it was we saw we werent supposed to see

We tried to run but they caught us by the feet

We saw them druling over us

We knew that what we saw could not be

And yet what we saw had to be

It had us it pulled us in

It pulled us down

We couldnt rise

And it wouldnt let us fall

We struggled and we faught

We looked at eachother and grabbed hold

An embrace

Of love

Of fear

We tried not to listen

As it durled and as it panted

But we heard it

And then it stopped so we took the chance to look and see

We opened our eyes and saw eachother

We looked over as the gullet of the beast swollowed us whole

I awoke in fear

You werent there

I was alone

And when i rose i met a dreadful stare in the mirror

It was my own

I had swolloed us whole

The demon of me

The monster i am

And i fear even you not remebering it you did not come out unscathed

And i did not come out uncut

Or untorn


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