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Under The Moon. (Chapter 4)

Updated on October 29, 2012

Because It Can Always Get Worse.

Shawn would kill for the awkwardness of the ride up. He would rather relive the sting of his friend’s disappointment a million times than be where he was now. Every few minutes Brian would cough, spraying the inside of the car with his blood. It started to rain. It started to storm. Shawn could barely see the road in front of him, but he couldn’t slow down. He flew into the hospital parking lot, crashing into a parked ambulance. He jumped out and ripped the passenger door off. Literally, Shawn grabbed the doorknob and pulled the door off of its hinges. Shawn didn’t have time to worry about that now; he had a friend to save. Brian felt weightless; Shawn could almost carry him with one hand. He flew through the front door.

“Somebody fucking help me” Shawn screamed. A nurse leapt up from her gossip magazines and pulled out a gurney. Shawn set him down and they rushed him back. Shawn tried to follow but they stopped him.

“Sir, you can’t come back yet”. He tensed and growled… Growled? But he walked back to a chair and sat down. His heart was racing almost as fast as it had when he had fought Brian, and weirdly it made time go by faster. After what felt like five minutes, a nurse came over to him. “Your friend can see you now… Be gentle, he’s in pretty bad shape”. He allowed his heart rate to slow. He nodded and followed her back to the ER.

Brian looked terrible.

“Whats the damage?” he asked the doctor. The doctor wouldn’t look him in the eyes.

“Several broken bones, including his nose and a rib. He’s got some internal bleeding and one of his eyes is swollen shut. We’re running some tests… We’re not sure what we can do for right now” his beeper was gone and in a flash he was gone.

Shawn sat next to his best friend. Despite the hospitals best efforts, Brian still looked terrible. Brian stirred and opened one eye.

“Sh-Shawn…” he stuttered.

“What happened to you buddy?”

“I was getting some fresh air… They came out of nowhere…” Shawn’s heart sank.

“Who did this to you?” Brian turned toward Shawn and opened his other eye. Shawn shuddered. His pupil was rolled up in the back of his head, as if it wasn’t there.

“They all attacked at once… I never had a chance”

“Brian… Who did this?” the gruff voice. Shawn didn’t fight the voice. Someone had attacked his friend… Someone needed to pay. The voice in his head chuckled, and it only made Shawn angrier.

“He told me… to tell you-“ he coughed “not to fuck with him again”. Brian didn’t have to tell Shawn who… He already knew. And before Brian could say the letter R, Shawn had blown out of the room. Shawn stormed outside. Ryan would pay. Unfortunately, Shawn came out in just in time to see his Porsche getting towed, his grinning stepfather in the passenger seat of the tow truck, waving.

We’ll handle him later…

Shawn nodded and started running.

Unfortunately for Ryan, his mother was a nurse, and he only lived a few miles away. In minutes, Shawn was at the front door. He didn’t know how he had gotten there so fast, and he didn’t care. He kicked the door in…

And the next thing he knew he was in the middle of the street.

It had stopped raining but he was soaking wet… and he had no idea where he was. He needed to call for a taxi.

Even though he had been alone for most of the day, Shawn felt especially alone. His body felt sore and his mind was silent. He found a gas station and walked in. Every customer and employee stopped what they were doing and looked at him.

“Hey do you guys have a phone?” Nobody answered. “Thanks” he said sarcastically. He scanned the store until he found a ratty payphone. He reached to grab the black phone when he noticed something about his arm. It was covered in blood. He quickly leapt into the bathroom and noticed that it wasn’t just one arm. His entire body was soaked in blood.

He freaked out.

He started shaking and hyperventilating as he passed out against the door…

He kicked in the door.

His heart felt like it was going to explode.

And then?

Shawn let go. He screamed and fell to his knees. His arms grew large and his hair grew long. His incisors nicked his lip as they grew sharper and longer. His jaw and nose formed a snout and erupted from his face. Memories and thoughts faded. He was on a mission.

“It’s about time” the voice was louder now. “Maybe you’ll finish the job this time. Shawn... Kill”

Shawn responded with a house-rattling howl and tore up the stairs. He inhaled deeply through his new nose and followed the scent of cheap cologne. He rampaged down the hallway and burst through a wooden door. The target was hiding behind a chair.

“What the fuck are you?” he screamed. Shawn responded with a gruff growl that vaguely resembled a human laugh. He inhaled mightily before releasing a terrifying growl. Ryan screamed. Shawn licked his chops and took off towards Ryan, lifted one paw and…

Shawn woke up on the bathroom floor. The blood? The blood was… There was a knocking at the door.

“Police! Open up!"

“Fuck” Shawn exclaimed. He ran his bloody hands through his filthy hair and looked around the room. There was a small window… It was his only hope. He jumped up and climbed out the window and started running towards the town limits. He ran and ran until his legs felt wooden. He collapsed into the ditch and began to cry.

So many answers to questions he never asked.

He killed Ryan. He tore Ryan to pieces. And how did he do that? Oh yeah.

Because he was a fucking werewolf.

He took a moment to wrestle with that reality.

Shawn Carroll was a werewolf.

He took a deep breath.

He would work through that later. For now, he was a murderer, and he needed to run.

Run away from the rain, away from the crime scene, away from his step-father, away from the only home he had ever known.

Shawn Carroll was a fugitive from the law. He took a long look at the moon and sarcastically said, “Happy Birthday Shawn” before he forced himself to keep running.

© 2012 Ryan Smith


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