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Understanding Beauty Which Comes From Within The Soul

Updated on June 8, 2015


There was this girl so full of pride.
She would sing and,
You would hear her all the time.
Her name was Savannah,
Everyone knew.
She would always have that smile spread upon her face.
A quality which was strong in character,
It would naturally flow outward with such grace.

With her sleek brown hair which was long upon her head.
The olive skin – the hazel eyes that told of everything within.
Friends would say great things about her –
They would always begin,
With how perfect she was from outside all the way in.
Then one day an imperfection came to light,
This imperfection filled her with such fright.
Not that she was taller than all the rest but,
She had come 2nd in the singing contest.

All of her friends,
Never said a word.
All of her fears just came from her.
In her own mind she would think twice,
About whom she was,
And how this will be her demise.
All the other qualities about her were still the same.
And nothing that was already within her would change.

None of her friends thought to leave.
None of them really did believe,
She was any less of a person because she,
Had imperfections like everybody from you to me.

So take a thought with you for all time.
Everyone is different in body and mind.
Never sell yourself short.
Never should you second guess –
How you look, What you have or,
What you do that is different from all the rest!
Always remember,
Always keep in mind,
You will come out stronger in the end,
When you give everything your best!

Believe in Yourself!

© 2013 Jeb Stuart Bensing


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