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Updated on October 20, 2013
Undulations from Settme3
Undulations from Settme3
Beat Down and Worn Out from Bart
Beat Down and Worn Out from Bart
The glass is empty from Rich
The glass is empty from Rich
Happy at Work !!!  from Jayanth M
Happy at Work !!! from Jayanth M
Contemplation from Anne Greenhow
Contemplation from Anne Greenhow
Why from Tristen
Why from Tristen


By Tony DeLorger © 2013

I elevate myself to accept the beating,

take on the redressing to maintain balance,

to find that elusive fulcrum,

and survive yet another day.

When I am full, the whims of life do not discourage,

simply remind me of my ineptitude, my near-sightedness,

and I adjust my bruised ego and reset,

hovering like some specter over the puzzle of choices, profound.

When I am empty, I cringe in the shadows,

an illusive butterfly seeking the quiet solitude of anonymity,

that blaze of colour wished grey and unseen,

not vulnerable in the light of day.

This cycle entraps me in my own world,

vetting each calamity as it unfolds,

the ever-present undulations of a perceived life,

one step forward, two steps back: the pain of learning.

Yet for all this chaos, I remain standing,

a mind swollen with experience, wisdom,

and a hope I understand the actions I have betrayed,

within the harsh decisions that somehow felt right.

Each day I walk through the valley of death,

its presence undeniable, its eventuality certain,

and I get a sense of assurance, an unqualified comfort,

from knowing there is an end, and perhaps even another beginning.

I do not claim to know, just ask the questions,

for in the end, that is all we can do,

be strong enough to ask why,

and in the pain of learning, justify the process.

Life is a ride, embrace all it has to offer.


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